Monday, January 7, 2013


"Dana Linn Bailey" Chest Workout today!
Man no wonder she looks the way she does! Though she's been training gnarly for about 7.5 years...
Well I've been MIA for a bit but here I be for the meantime
Heavy Bench press x3
Heavy Incline Bench Press x3
Heavy Decline Bench Press x3
Chest press x3
High Cable Chest iso ss push-ups x3
Regular cable Chest iso ss diamond push-ups x3
Low cable chest iso ss dive bombers x3
Incline bench chest iso ss decline push-ups
Strip set bench

Geez the strip set was gnarly hard and even though you are dropping 5lb weight plates on each side but it just feels heavier as you are on like 30 reps! So before I really started the WOD, I had to use a razor to it cause my sleeves were driving me crazy so I sliced down my Cellucor T!
Greek yogurt w/flax, raw oats, chia seeds, banana, granola
Black beans, roasted brussel sprouts, pearl couscous
2 cuties, bell peppers w/hummus
Chicken, brown rice, steamed carrots
Cottage cheese w/ protein

So wit school starting up again, my gym schedule will be changing-back to nights and afternoons with a few mornings. That'll be he'd getting used to but you make time for the gym and do what you gotta do. I'll be going after clinical a and class and before work. Prep will be full blown since my last semester of the nursing program will be taking 6 days out of my week. Geez I'll be crazy busy so sorry in advance for less posts lol

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