Friday, November 22, 2013

Articles, Stories, Journals....

I come across lots of articles and I really like to share them with you.

Smiling is Contagious
This is written by Michele Letendre, a crossfit games competitor. She never realized before how or why she inspires other athletes; she has recently realized that she does indeed have an impact on many of us. Also to close her little journal, she includes a very moving bit that makes me look up to her even more, beyond just a crossfit athlete.

Mind Over Matter
I may or may not have read this two or three times. It's that good! But not just good-it's true, 100% accurate, motivating, inspiring, and so much more. This is a MUST read if you train, compete, or just simply want to. It may give one an epiphany if they find excuses or lack motivation or just not 'there' yet. It will make athletes push even more and really undestand what it takes.
Seriously, I absolutely love it. I have shared it with many of my friends and even forwarded it to my motivation, Andrea Ager, who I'm sure would appreciate this writing as well.

BoxLife Mag: Andrea Ager
Speaking of Andrea Ager, here is the link to the article of her from BoxLife magazine. Again, she is probably my number one motivation and always has been. Reading her words always drives me.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reasons to Date a CrossFit Chick

Oh my goodness this is seriously such an accurate article! 
It just gives a few reasons why men should date a crossfit chick and man the are brutally honest and 100% true! As I read each and every single reason, I was shaking my head in agreement saying yup, yes, uh huh, oh yeah, yup that's me, totally,..etc. 
Women see if this is you and men see if this is what you want! 
Please read:::

Bulletproof Coffee

So I recieved a nice little package, from Upgraded Self/Bulletproof Coffee company, that had their whole coffee beans and their MCT oil. I was uber excited because I already drank bulletproof coffee but I hadn't tested out their brand of ingredients. I used whatever coffee, a 90% MCT oil/10% coconut oil, and of course Kerrygold Grassfed butter.
I use this as my pre-crossfit because it boosts me and gives me lots of energy! All natural, no powders or weird chemical stuff like other pre-workouts.
Opening a fresh bag of coffee is like heaven because I seriously stick my nose right in the bag and get a big wiff. I breath in that absorbing aroma and let out a long ahhhhhh. 
Their bag even tells you how to make a bulletproof coffee:

I grab my grinder, pour a little in...
And grind until fine.
I actually read somewhere that the finer the better...for some reason I don't know.
I like using my coffee pot instead of a French press because it keep my coffee hot which I need my coffee hot hot hot to drink it. 
Waiting for coffee to brew in the morning seems like forever. As the pit is almost done, I usually pull out the pot before it's actually finished cause I simply can't wait any longer! 
I pour the coffee into my blender.
Tip: put hot water into your blender while the coffee is making so your blender is cold and cool down your hot coffee when you pour it in. Pour the water out right before yor about to add the coffee.
I add in steamed unsweetened almond or coconut milk to simply make it creamier. I also add in some stevia flavoring but this totally optional as a true bulletproof is just the butter and MCT. I have all different flavors of stevia drops : chocolate, vanilla, peppermint, toffee, hazelnut, coconut etc. You can add in coconut sugar it even cream.
Add 1-2tbsp of Kerrygold unsalted butter. I say 1 to 2 because if just starting to drink this, your body won't be used using the good fat for energy so starting with a smaller dose is best. The butter is what makes this uber creamy and gives it the foam on top. (The almond milk also whips up nicely to add to the foam.)
Add 1-2tbsp of MCT oil. Again, ease your body into it. 
MCT is what is the natural energizer of this amazing drink. 
I'll let you read what the benefits are above. 
Once you have added everything in...
Turn that baby on...I turn it on high to really whip it together. The longer you let it blend the bigger head or foam you'll get. 
I like a lot if foam so I let it gooooo
That is a small head of foam so I let stop to see and if I want more, I'll buzz it again.
Remember my earlier 'tip' about the hot water? Well I put hit water into my coffee cup as well.
Mmm the finished product. I have to have my coffee uber hot so sometimes I even stick it in the microwave for a bit. So I drink my coffee semi fast...
And in about 5 mins, it's gone!
 Bulletproof Coffee:
-1 to 2 tbsp of MCT oil or coconut oil 
-1 to 2 tbsp grassfed unsalted butter
1. Blend all ingredients together.
2. Enjoy!

That is the original recipe. But I create many different bulletproof creations such as:::

Pumpkin Spice:
Add pumpkin spice to coffee grounds and brew. Add 1 tbsp pumpkin purée, pumpkin spice, stevia to blender with everything else. 

Brew normal. Add 1 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate stevia with everything else.

Cinnamon Dolce:
Brew with a few shakes of cinnamon in the grounds. Add more cinnamon to blender along vanilla stevia and everything else.

Peppermint mocha:
Add 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, peppermint stevia and everything else to blender. 

Apple Spice:
Brew with cinnamon added to grounds. Add cinnamon (or apple spice), 1 tbsp apple sauce (or apple cider) , 2tbsp 100% maple syrup. 

Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder with wry thing else. 

These are just some of the ones I've created so I hope you try them out!

I want to say thank you to Upgraded Self company for sending me awesome products because I fully enjoyed them! Every time I make a bulletproof, I'll think of your generosity. 
Go check out their website Upgraded Self for these products but also others like their pure vanilla or cocoa!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cinnamon Raisin Almond Butter

Cinnamon Raisin Almond Butter:
~2c almonds
~1/4c raisins (rinsed in water then laid out to dry)
~1tbsp cinnamon
~2-3 tbsp 100% maple syrup (100% comes straight from a tree so it's all natural & soooo good for you!)

.Make almond butter first with just the almonds; blend until creamy.

.Then, while blender running, add maple syrup and cinnamon.
.Add raisins and pulse until desired chunks. You can't really taste them as raisins; they really just add a sweetness. You can also add more raisins if you like them.
I keep mine in the fridge to keep it frah and make it last.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blueberry Coconut (Protein) Bread

Blueberry Coconut Bread:

-1/2c coconut flour
-2 1/2 scoops WFit Vanilla Coconut Protein
-1 tbsp baking powder
-4 stevia packets

-1 1/2 apples (make applesauce-chop, nuke for 2mins, blend until smooth) or about 1c applesauce 
-3 egg whites
-1 tbsp coconut extract
-1 tbsp vanilla extract 
-1 tbsp coconut oil
1. Mix wet ingredients or blend in blender like I did.
2. Mix dry ingredients separately and then add to wet. I dumped mine into the blender. 
3. Once smooth, fold in 1-1 1/2c fresh blueberries. 

4. Pour into a loaf pan, I greased with coconut oil. 

5. Bake 350 for 40mins. 

Allow to cool completely (I made the mistake of digging in too early and it was a mess! But soooo good!)

Seriously so yummy and moist!
You don't have to use this protein, I'm sure vanilla would work but then add more coconut extract.

Use code: STACHEFIT for 50% off t

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My week

Dude my weeks always seem jam packed with crap...
Last Saturday after my WODs I hit up Joann's and found me different fabrics I liked. So Sunday I had some free time on my hands so I pulled out my seeing machine and made my own wraps. This was my test pair (which already sold!) so I'll be making more! 
If anyone is interested in purchasing a pair, in a certain pattern or you have an idea of what you want, let me know and I'll make you a pair! Just email me at 
I get asked too much "Carah, are you single?" Geez people ya I am! Why? Cause God hasn't placed a crossfit beast like myself in my life! Haha But really though, I know what I want and what I don't want in a man so I don't just settle for any man. 
Morning ab check! I haven't posted in a while on IG because I don't want to be know as just an ab picture bathroom selfie girl like many are nowadays!
But I got asked "do you still have your abs!?" Really is that all you care about? Ya I still have my abs but they aren't my focus. I strive for PR's and overall health. I don't earn my abs by being skinny; trust me when I say I don't work out my abs purposely! I "Eat Big Lift Big" so my abs are revealed through my hardwork. 
Post WOD protein time!
I blended up WFit Vanilla Coconut Protein with almond milk, ice, and a banana and poured into a frozen glass. So yummy!
Plus I'm rockin my Caffeine and kilos SnapBack which I freakin love!
I chose to be an 80's Aerobics chick because I just wanted to make a costume and not but one. 
I didn't do anything special, I worked, went to the gym, and relaxed. I didn't have any candy which there was a huge bowl too. Nope for my last meal I had a slice of protein pumpkin bread and my apple chickloaf with some nut butter (I have this every night). I stayed up watching Hocus Pocus with my family while passing out candy-no parties for me!
Geez this was post WOD and I was spent. I had heavy deadlifts so my back was done halfway through. And I even PRed my DL! I kept good form, straight back, push through heels, squeeze those glutes! 
This was an early sesh so I wore my Caffeine and Kilos SnapBack low over my face with my IamProjectX hoodie on. 
Girls day with my mom and sis consisted of the grand opening of Victorias Secret remodeled store along with other stops. I picked up these new leggings to wear at the gym; also got an weican flag pair! So groovy! I may get some stares but them being in sale for $7 was too good to pass up!
Sunday rest day!
Lots don't I believe in rest days but I do. My body gets weak and tired after 3-4 days of hard arse training. I am in this lifestyle for the long haul so I'm not going to force myself to go and be miserable and in pain at the gym and not give 100%. When I come back following a rest day, I feel refreshed and I want and miss the gym, seriously. I used to not do rest days, but you know, I would force myself to the gym and make myself go even if I didn't want to. That changed because I do crossfit for my love of it not cause I strictly want to be in shape. If you are at the gym and don't want to be or you're not happy and feel tired, listen to your body. You want to want to go to the gym. It's a privilege to use your body and push it so don't take it for granted.