Friday, August 31, 2012

Breaks still consist of exercise

So I cat study for hours on end, I need my breaks which consist on instagraming, pintresting, and facebooking sad but also busts out some moves!
I always do pushups before bed but last night during my break I added handstands, crow poses, handstand ab holds, and handstands on my head. If you follow me on instagram I said last night "I needed to clear my head, so I stood on it!" I know I'm lame!
Be productive!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I've received emails and questions about my ab moves, well I workout hard every single day an incorporate so much movement requiring all my muscles and lots of core strength so I am working my abs without doing ab moves. In every exercise and every lift whether it's squats, bicep curls, lateral raises etc., my core is tight! Working your abs everyday will not give you abs. Why? Well you treat your abs like any other muscle group-you wouldn't kill your legs and turn around and work them the next day. So to develop a strong core, work them every other day. And working them for a messily 10-15 mins is not goin to cut it.
I incorporate abs after an arm, shoulder or chest & HIIT day; those days are long usually 1:30-1:45 to 2hours. Never on leg day because I am working them so much as is by doing squats, deadlifts, leg press etc.
You can not stick to one routine or certain moves because your abs need muscle confusion just like all the other muscles. I incorporate body weight only and added weight; I use cables, dumbbells, medicine ball, bosu ball, KB, pushups bars, back extension...I am very creative when it comes to equipment in my gym.
Some examples:
Toes to bar (advanced move)
Hanging ab tucks
Ab tucks with weights
Hanging leg raises
Cable crunches
Around the worlds
Reverse crunch
Planks (with plates on back)
Side planks (with dumbbells on side)
KB swings
Mountain climbers
Crunches on ball
Leg lifts with ball and med ball
Tuck jumps
Leg lifts with ball lying on bench
Declined leg lifts on declined bench
Reverse crunches on declined bench
Walking planks
Oh my goodness this list could be reallllyyy looonnnggg! I work them differently every time! Different sets, different order, different versions, different weights, different weights...oh the possibilities! Think outside the box with abs-crunches don't cut it, plus they are bad for your neck!
I am always approached by older and younger pple, men and women about my training, and they ask me all kinda of questions. I literally stand out in the gym because I don't workout like normal or how most pple do. I am all over the place (ground, walls, machines, benches, one side to another to another). I do to the gym to do work, not to socialize. I don't prefer a workout buddy unless you have a killer person like I have and train the same way, have the same goals and training in mind.
Sorry for the rant but I get "how to you train?" or "what do you do?" or "what do you eat?" I work hard as hell, and eat clean as heaven!

New Leg Press Exercise

So I am changing up my workouts every single time to jut keep my muscles guessing and impact them more. The same routine and sets and weight just become redundant to your muscles and they get used to it and don't change. Like I keep saying-step outside if your comfort zone and push yourself!
So enough of that...
So I have seen a few on the monster buff guys do leg press on the smith machine and immediately I was intrigued! Anything new, I'm going to try! So my spotter was not at the gym do I resorted to do it one my own.
Lower the smith machine bar to little less than halfway and load some weights; start with low and work your way up to feel how comfortable it is. Lay a mat down and lay down with bottom of butt right under the bar. Raise legs to meet bar (knees should be bent not quite 90 degree angle), keep back to ground and body relaxed. Push off with your feet until the bar gets out of the locks, depending on how the locks are, you may need to reach up and twist the be so it doesn't catch back in the lock (this is where a spotter is handy). Lower as low as your hips allow. Legs should come down on either side of torso. Once you get as low as you can, push bar all the way back up. Do as many reps as possible. Then have your spotter set bar in lock or reach back up with one leg holding up the bar and twist bar into locks.
Be careful! You need to have the safety locks high up just in case. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself don't do it because you do not want to hurt yourself.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Small 6 Pack Meal Bag

Indeed I ordered one of these fancy buggers!
I've seen all the bb use them and tons of athletes and fitness gurus and I knew I needed one. I hate carrying 3 different bags for all my meals!
It comes wit the ice packs, the trays, the containers etc. I wanted the black but they were out so I got the silver (no pink for this girl!).
The side compartments are for your bottles, protein shake bottles, fruit, utensils, basically whatever but that's what they show. The top has a tray for your vitamins, granola bars, nuts, tea you know whatever. Then the front unzips and there are three sections for your meals; the trays come out so you can fit just 2 or one big thing I there. The ice packs slide in on either side.
So I am so excited! I will for sure need this for my clinical days and when I graduate am be a real RN working 12 hour shifts, this bad boy will come in handy!
So I ordered mine from amazon because the sixpack website is ├╝ber expensive with $20 shipping. Um no thank you! My was $8 shipping.
I will give you all the ins and outs once it comes in. Check 'Em out!

Sunday Morning Rest Day Breakfast!

So everyday my morning meal is my overnight oatmeal smoothie and today I wanted my oats hot and steamy!
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup oats
2 egg whites
1 tbsp flax meal
1 tsp chia seeds
1 packet stevia
Splash almond milk
2 tbsp Granola
1 tbsp pb
1 nectarine
1. Add water to high heat pot, add oats and egg whites to pot before it starts to boil. Whisk continuously. Turn to low.
2. Add flax, chia seeds, cinnamon, stevia. Whisk whisk whisk until they get really thick. Turn off heat. Let sit for few minutes.
3. Pour in bowl, add splash of almond milk, granola, nectarine and pb.
4. I always have green tea with breakfast too.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Oh yes a smile is always on my face this day!
Hams & glutes were on the menu:
*Squats (with feet far away)-wide, middle, close
*front squats
*calf raises
*deep squats
*heavy walking bumbbell lunges
*leg press (with feet up high) wide, middle, close
*more calf raises
*hip thrusts
*leg extensions
*leg curls
*wall sits with 45
I was do supersets and active rests to keep my HR up & I go HEAVY! And I mean heavy where I keep adding weights till I can't budge it.
Followed with 10mins of stretching-so important! That lactic acid needs to be released and get blood flow to those torn muscle fibers. It helps them grow and lengthen.
I get just as sweaty doing legs as I would running on a treadmill. Just Cardio isn't the answer.

Outside the gym...

I am constantly doing something active and working on my fitness. I try to be productive like calf raises while brushing my teeth, or squats or whatev you get my idea. I have also added pushups before I go to bed and ab holds while my smoothies and shakes are mixing.
You have to take a huge step outside of your comfort zone if you want to develop muscles and see a change. Challenge yourself constantly!
I've incorporated different exercises for my active reds and my super sets like: burpee box jumps, heavy dumbbell in one arm from lying to standing with the arm constantly straight up, handstand pushups, walking up the wall handstands (start in a plank then start walking your feet up the wall while you walk your hands back-this is very advanced so don't try it if your not used to hard stuff, you could buckle your arms and land in your head), doubleunders...on the list goes on, I get super creative in the gym!
I have been asked by many trainers and men at my gym about if I was training for a Fitness Figure Competition, I said its been on my mind but I need to bulk up first and get more muscle. So I has been on my mind but my body needs to get wayyyy more stronger. So I lift heavy and push hard to always shock my body and muscles so they will grow.
You really never know what your body can do or what it's capable of until you try!!!
So please go try!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

P28 Protein Bread Review

I have consumed half of 1 loaf and half of 1 bagel bag. So I can say...this is the best bread I've ever tasted!

I am not a bread person at all! We buy whole wheat but I literally haven't had a piece of it in like a year! Since I didn't want p28 to go to waste I needed to eat it like everyday so I added 1 slice of bread with a tiny dab of natural peanut butter to my morning overnight oats protein smoothie. I did realize I had more energy at the gym because carbs is your energy so consuming it about an hour before you workout (enough time for it to digest and be available for your muscles) is beneficial. And a few times I have added half (or a full lol) bagel to go with my post workout protein shake; carbs & protein should be consumed after a workout for your muscles to have something to feed off and grow from. If you don't consume some form of protein or carbs within 30mins, your body will start eating up your muscles! Plus carbs supply you with energy to keep your body going after a workout, if you feel sluggish and tired afterwards you need to eat! Because you should not be at all! Workouts stimulate your endorphins which make you happy and energized!
I have had p28 savory and sweet!
           POST WORKOUT:::Bagel with a tsp of Walnut Butter with a mixture of cottage cheese, flax meal, chia seeds, cinnamon,   vanilla greek yogurt on top and topped obviously with fruit:
BREAKFAST:::2 slices toasted bread (p.s. toasting is better for digesting!) with same mixture as above (i just added a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder to the bottom one), topped with 1/2 unripe banana (i only like green bananas & they have less sugar!) drizzled with all natural organic pnut butter:
LUNCH:::1/2 toasted bagel with tsp hummus, cilantro, spinach, mixed lettuce, 2 egg whites (one with just pepper, the other with just turmeric) with a side of cold steamed carrots (the best!):

My family even likes this bread- i was nice enough for each one of them to have a bagel and 2 slices of bread.
My dads responded with "chewy but i really liked my PB & J on it"
My sis said "its tastes like you"
My mom said "i love the chewy texture and the nutty flavor"
What do i love about it? Well the chewyness is very different but amazingly good, the nutty flavor from the flax comes out, the softness makes it so fresh, the nutrition label is amazing (28g protein!!!), and i just love love love the flavor.
When the box was delivered it obviously traveled in a hot UPs truck because i could smell it before i even opened the box. It was like a delivery of fresh baked bread! So fragrant and soft. It was too bad i had already eaten because i could have dug in right away.
Some things i want to try with the remaing p28...sweet french toast (with egg whites!), savory french toast (with egg whites), chicken panini, sweet & savory egg white sandwich on th bagel...oh the possibilites!!!

You can get these from their page here or on here or from amazon here.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Torani Delivery!

What's Torani? Well it's a brand of Sugar Free Syrups! They do offer non SF but hello this is me, I don't eat sugar except natural sugar.
They have so many options, it took me forever to choose some!
Of course I had to pick Coconut & Peanut Butter because just seem so yummy! Since Fall is almost here I asked them to choose between their seasonal flavors and I got Pumpkin Pie.
So I'm going to get pretty creative with (duh!), shakes, smoothies, pancakes, oats, overnight oatmeal, in Greek yogurt...oh the possibilities!
I'm sure my family is just as happy too!
I'll be posting a review soon once I give em a try.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leg Day! & Happiness!

Oh my fav...concentrated on glutes and hamstrings.
Lots if squats (heavy load & light load ass to the floor-literally!), deep lunges, leg press with feet high, hip thrusts, leg curls...oh man just workin the back side.
I push hard and this sweat is just from doing legs! Who says you can't get cardio doing weights?! I keep my HR up and burn about 500-600 cal per session. I do not follow legs with HIIT at all ever! Why? I kill my legs and I'm not leaving the gym until my legs are jelly! Every Single Time!
You get out what you put in!
So enough of encourage ranting and raving....yesterday was the happiest I've been in a long time. My attitude, mood, and just whole self was on a new level. You know when you're just missing something in your life and want that piece to click? Well that's how I felt yesterday. The man at my gym finally stepped up an made the move and we were as giddy as school children...I'll leave it at that for now but let's just say we're on a whole new level than just gym friends ;)
Have an awesome day!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love UPS deliveries!

Indeed I heard another banging on my door tonight!
I knew I was going to be getting my order sometime but was not expecting the HUGE Chobani package!
I helped Chobani Greek yogurt out a long time ago before the Olymipics started with promotion and stuff and they said for helping out, they would send me a package; I got a big cooler bag with built in speakers, a new style water bottle, Team USA beach towel, coupons, stickers, magnets, and pencils. I was pretty excited! My family was like "oh my goodness carah!" so thank you so much Chobani & Emily who has been in contact with me!
Now my order was just as exciting; I got my Chocolate peanut Butter Casein Protein and Quest Bars! Yummy-ness in a box! I always get samples too do I got more c4 and a fat burner pill RoxyLean.

Workouts & Eats

So I've upped my intake to see if I see a change in my bod/muscles and my recovery. So far I'm more defined I can see and stronger! I just added more food not more meals. I added 1 slice p28 bread to go with my overnight oatmeal morning smoothie and 1 whole p28 bagel to go with my post workout protein shake. I'm trying to get more nutrients into me so I have also added raw carrots and spinach to all my yummy!
My ears are still just as clean and workouts have escalated to even heavier weights. My hands are tortured and covered with calluses but that's not ugly to me, it shows hard work and dedication!
So last night I got a package...p28 protein bread!!! I got so much I had to freeze over half. My family was just as happy since I offered to share ;); they each had a bagel for breakfast. A review will be coming!
I posted my sprint HIIT workout from today (post back) since I've been asked a lot on instagram. I start at speed 10 and work up to speed 12 in 4mins on incline 1. I ran 40secs, 35, 30, 25secs throughout it. With active rest of squats and calf raises. My HIT changes EVERY SINGLE day so this is simply an example. I was trying to stay at the gym longer to wait for a certain someone and was super pumped (extra food this a.m.????) so I sprinted for 35mins.

4 egg white omelet filled with bell peppers, tomatoes & jalepenos. hummus and peas
chocPBbananaprotein shake with 2 egg whites on whole wheat with hummus & tomatoes & spinach
Leg Day! My fav! Leg press weights increased to 3 45lbers on each side, i end leg day with wall sits with 45lb plate, 3x until failure. My legs were shaking so bad-i recovered with a whole lot of sushi for lunch...sushimi, salmon, rice, salad, cucumbers...with lots of wasabi!
A.M. routine: up before 620, down glass of water with ACV, 1 cup of coffee, make overnight oatmeal protein smoothie, make post workout protein shake, vitamins, get ready, pack shake, grab bag and out door at 715.

Bi & Tri followed with Hill HIIT & abs. i was sweating bullets!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Artisana Nut Butter Review

So when I got this package in, to say I was excited was an understatement!
I seriously could not live without nut butter in my life so trying new kinds and a new brand was pretty rad.
Almond butter-I mean I have loved this from the get go so I knew it would just be awesome. I had it in one of my parfaits.
Pecan Butter-really rich & flavorful. Again I had it in a parfait.
Macadamia-really creamy. It has cashews in it as well but the macadamia is still distinguishable. I had on my green protein pancakes.
Cocoa bliss-oh yummy! Perfect combo with plain Greek yogurt.
Cashew-creamy and smooth. Its not what I expected, it's not a cashewy flavor. It's hard to describe, just creamy! I had it on some protein pancakes as well.
Walnut-oh dear thick and rich. It doesn't take much. I have had it in Greek yogurt, parfaits and protein pancakes.
Coconut-yum. That's it, pure coconuty flavor. I have heated it and put atop frozen Greek protein FroYo,iced with Greek yogurt, on top of a protein bar, in a smoothie...
Coconut oil-I can so smell coconut when it's heating in a pan, the aroma is yummy. It doesn't give the food a coconut flavor but it is a heathy fat to cook with. I used it for my egg white choc protein omelet; browned it up all nice too!
My Favorite:Almond! Of course!
Most Unique:macadamia
My least:um none, all yummy in there own way!
I love that these products do not have extra add ins; the are all raw, all natural ingredients. One ingredient is how it should be.
So far Artisana is my fav Nut Butter brand!
Thank you do much for your awesome goods!
You can find there butters in health food stores, amazon, or their website!
Try them!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Workout Recap

So I've been slacking on posting my workouts, i always post food haha. What can I say i love to eat...clean food!
So here is some recap of my sessions:
Back & HIIT-lots of lat pull downs, rows, back extensions, pullups etc. HIIT is always 20-30 mins of sprints.

So not sure what day this was but i know i was amped because that little prize in my hand was my amino!
Shoulder, HIIT, & Abs- lots of lateral raises, upright rows, cable flyers, delt raises etc. HIIT was fast sprints. I finished with 40 mins of abs with lots of cable exercises, ball exercises on the ground and on bench, body weight and lots more.

LEG DAY! "Squaterday"- smith machine squats & one legged squats, leg press, walking lunges, calf raises, deadlifts, quad machine filled with lots of heart racing moves inbetween each like box jumps, burpees, switch kicks, vertical jumps, jump ropes oh so much more.

As you can see i post my progress of my abs, there are coming slowly but surely. So I have testing my body with different foods and how it effects my bod but im still in the process so cant tell you just does involve dairy though.
Also if you've been curious about the man at the gym well it has defiantly grown a bit to more talking, the smiles and glances are still there of course!
Lets just say i have so much more motivation at the gym knowing he is there! My motivation level has risen to a new, different, exciting level and i love it. Just hope it continues and grows ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Sweet" Clean Omelet

So i had a choc tooth yet i wanted an omelet so i whipped one up with different stuff!
Egg White ChocPB Protein Omelet:
1 flax egg (1tbsp flax meal with 3tbsp water)
2 egg whites
vanilla liquid stevia
dash cinnamon
coconut oil
1 scoop choc protein
1tbsp pb2
1/4 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/4 cup skim ricotta cheese
1. mix flax egg and allow to sit for a few mins. then add egg whites, cinnamon, and few drops of stevia.
2. heat coconut oil in pan and make omelet like normal.
3. while thats cooking, make protein frosting by slowly adding water to choc protein till thick.
4. mix pb2 into cottage cheese.
5. once omelet is ready, flip onto plate.
6. layer ricotta cheese on one side, add choc frosting on top, then add pb2 cottage cheese on top of that.
7. close it and eat. you can add extra toppings but i was hungry so just ate it like that.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

So I have been takin ACV for a while now. I took it religiously, 3x a day before I left for my Europe trip and returned to consuming it immediately when I got back. Why? There are many reasons why ACV helps but my main reason?-my skin and digestion.
I have seen the biggest difference in my skin-less oily, less irritation, less breakouts, glowy..I saw a difference when I first tarted using it and now that I'm back on it, my glow has returned to my face.
It also aids with digestion and helps cleanse your liver and intestines.
I researched it before I started taking it to see the benefits and if there are any bad effects.
Rich in potassium-which is key for growth, building muscles, helps with nighttime leg cramps, transmission of nerve impulses, relieve tired feeling, whiten teeth, etc
Helps prevent brittle teeth, hair loss, sore throat and runny noses.
Helps get rid of hiccups.
Rich in acetic acid-slows digestion of starch which helps lower the rise of glycogen.
Help regulate BP and reduce bad cholesterol.
Has anti fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.
Improve bowel irregularity, removes toxins in bod at a faster rate.
Helps with indigestion (drink before eating).
Helps clear up skin conditions and blemishes.
Helps with weight loss by breaking down fats so the bod can use them and not store them.
Helps with arthritis.
Studies show it helps kill cancer cells (hmmm idk...???)
Side Effects:
Can deteriorate dental enamel so rinse mouth after you eat/drink it.
Some complain of upset tummies so make sure it's diluted enough.
How to Use:
Use as toner on skin (dilute with water).
Bath in it to reduce effects of sunburn.
Drink diluted with anything.
Use as salad dressing.
Apply to scalp to reduce dandruff.

You have to make sure you buy the correct ACV. It's not the normal kind-it must be 'unfiltered, organic, mother laced'.

How do I drink it???
Make it a double shot-1/2 of ACV, 1/2 of water, 1drop vanilla liquid stevia.
Drink-1shot of ACV, water, lemon juice, cinnamon, 2 drops of vanilla liquid stevia.
Drink-1shot mixed with homemade spicy tomatoes juice (<-the best so far!)

You can really mix it with whatever, just be creative.
Most don't like the flavor but I've gotten used to it and don't mind it at all.
Sometimes I drink it right when I get up on an empty stomach, at the end of the day, after my workout, after a bigger meal...
This is the kind I drink and this is what the bottle should look like:


Monday, August 6, 2012

My Parfait Kick Continues...

So I have so much Greek yogurt in my fridge, I figured why not create a new parfait?!
CinnPB Egg White & Choc Protein Parfait:
2 egg whites
Almond milk
1 tbsp raw oats
1 tbsp pb2 (or peanut butter)
Plain nonfat Greek yogurt
Skim ricotta cheese
Choc protein
1. Microwave or scramble the egg whites and cinnamon. Allow to cool.
2. Throw eggs, oats, splash of almond milk, pb2 in blender. Blend till smooth-if need more liquid add more almond milk
3. Make protein frosting by slowing adding water to 1 scoop of choc protein until you get desired consistency.
4. Begin layering however you want.
Mine went like this-Greek yogurt, egg white mixture, choc frosting, granola, ricotta cheese, egg white mixture, choc frosting, granola...etc.
(had little extra choc frosting so I mixed it with remaining Greek yogurt and goin to sav it for my overnight oat smoothie tomorrow morning)
I always use a frosted glass that way everything is really cold.
This was after I MURDERED my legs at the gym so I wanted protein, protein, protein with some carbs.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breakfast for Lunch

I love breakfast and i literally have it for every meal of the day at least twice in a week!
Post gym I packed overnight oats (oats, vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, flax seeds, vanilla stevia, almond milk, pb2, green tea leaves) and added strawberries, blueberries and granola at work.
Then I made Scottish Oats and mixed it with Greek yogurt and vanilla stevia. Then sliced half a banana and sprinkled some granola. Crumbled up a choc protein microwaved muffin on top and drizzled pb. I threw together the muffin (1 flax egg, 1 egg white, 1 scoop choc protein, cocoa powder, vanilla stevia, almond milk, cinnamon, pinch of baking powder & microwaved for 2mins).
Usually when I bust out my pre-packed lunches for work, my coworkers stare at me and question about what I brought in's hilarious!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Supps & the effects..

Yesterday was a sorta lazy day-i didnt get home umtil about 1am yesterday morning which i reallly late for me. My bed time be 9! I know im a grandma...
So i completed my chest & tri day here at home. Since i was home literally all day i was able to photograph my whole day of eats.
Breakfast: overnight oatmeal smoothie
-overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp flax meal, green tea leaves, 2-3 tbsp raspberry yogurt, vanilla liquid stevia, splash water or almond milk. store in fridge overnight.
-add ice, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 scoop Vanilla Rice Protein , water, almond milk, overnight oats.
-blend and pour in frozen glass!
PostWorkout: ChocBanPBProtein Shake
Lunch: egg white omelet
-3 egg whites
-sauteed: red onion, bell peppers, jalepenos(poured eggs on top of this & cooked)
-tomatoes, spinach(inside)
-avocado tomatillo salsa on top
-cucumbers with hummus on the side
Snack: Nonfat plain greek yogurt mixed with Artisana Cocoa Bliss
Dinner: salmon with avocado & tomatoes slices on top with grilled corn on the cob, jalepeno on the side
Evening Snack(not pictured): Larabar Blueberry Muffin Bar

                                                This is what a clean day looks like.
Last night i had a delivery from UPS...and got my Sunwarrior Protein and pb2 from iherb.

I also got my samples of Cellucor; i was sent pre workout c4, choc and vanilla protein powder, creatine free preworkout, fat burner pills. I was contacted on instagram by a supplier and he sent me a whole lot! I was so excited. (since i finished all my sunwarrior, ive decided to stick with strictly cellucor until i finish all my samples and see my results).

So this morning i knew i had to try this c4 for my morning leg session. I tried the watermelon flavor and yummmm!!! totally tasty! I drank it with about 8oz of water on my way to the gym (about 25mins before).
Well i was at the gym for an hour and half and man i felt like i could just keep on going. I even added 40 extra lbs to my squats on the smith machine. I was sweatin like no other! I did notice i drank a lot more water which i a plus because i feel i dont drink enough anyway. The package says to drink lots of water with it so i know why now. My guy friend told me i might feel shaky or tingly with c4 but i didnt feel that at all. There are two servings in one package; the guy told me to start with 1 then if needed take 2. I guess its normal to take 2...ill stick with 1.
So my hott guy was there! I havent seen him in like a week! When i looked up and saw him, i got immediate butterflys. Well certainly the biggest crush ive had in a verrryyy loonnggg time. I now confirm that he has to be interested cause we were staring at eachother and smiling the whole entire time. I was waiting for him to say something but nothing yet. But i have decided to talk to him the next time i see him (perhaps tomorrow)!

Wore my new tank and man i certainly did get some glances. But i loved it, totally breezy!
So since i worked my butt today i included one of the exercises i do-the simle version.
1. use leg press machine with feet up high (high targets butt and quads)
2. put a weight plate on your lap and start doing hip raises while sitting on machine for an active rest.
3. go until failure then continue with leg press again.
                            (here is another pic i took from last weeks to show without weights)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY New Workout Top

So ive had these DIY projects saved on my computer and since its summer, i want to knock out a few. So i took an old church T and created a backless tank:
It took me a couple hours but Im happy with my result. I havent tried it out at the gym yet; my plan is to wear it tomorrow for leg day.
Someone on instagram said Ill probably cause some stares and make an impression all right lol. We'll see i guess!
Here is the link of this DIY tank, p.s.-it is only pics

Lunabar Review

So when I received this box in my mail I was so excited! I had always seen Larabars on instagram and some other blogs and have always wanted to try them.
Well I chose a few flavors (which was pretty hard they all looked so good)a and next was to test them.
I ate them plain, heated up with nut butter, heated up with coconut butter, broken atop Greek yogurt, and stirred into a protein smoothie for some texture.
Why caught my eye with these bars was the ingredients: nothing added only clean foods. They get the chewiness from the dates which is also makes them sweet. Simple ingredients: fruit and nuts!
So banana bread was my first to try and I was surprised because I got a that flavor; it was not just a banana-y flavor.
I crumbled the peanut butter cup on my Greek yogurt which also had almond butter mixed in so it was just nuttiness in a bowl!
I had the coconut cream pie in my chocolate banana smoothie so that was a nice combo.
The last few I simply had plain-on the go snack, evening snack, a pick-me-up etc.
These bars are satisfying and yummy. Don't be hesitant by the nutrition facts, especially the sugar, it comes from the dates which are a fruit so it's a natural sugar. Protein is low but these are not protein bars. All in all, I enjoyed them.
You can find them just about anywhere-stores, amazon, or their website ( ). There are 24 flavors so you have a wide variety.
Thank you Larabar! I look forward to trying the rest of the flavors