Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I've received emails and questions about my ab moves, well I workout hard every single day an incorporate so much movement requiring all my muscles and lots of core strength so I am working my abs without doing ab moves. In every exercise and every lift whether it's squats, bicep curls, lateral raises etc., my core is tight! Working your abs everyday will not give you abs. Why? Well you treat your abs like any other muscle group-you wouldn't kill your legs and turn around and work them the next day. So to develop a strong core, work them every other day. And working them for a messily 10-15 mins is not goin to cut it.
I incorporate abs after an arm, shoulder or chest & HIIT day; those days are long usually 1:30-1:45 to 2hours. Never on leg day because I am working them so much as is by doing squats, deadlifts, leg press etc.
You can not stick to one routine or certain moves because your abs need muscle confusion just like all the other muscles. I incorporate body weight only and added weight; I use cables, dumbbells, medicine ball, bosu ball, KB, pushups bars, back extension...I am very creative when it comes to equipment in my gym.
Some examples:
Toes to bar (advanced move)
Hanging ab tucks
Ab tucks with weights
Hanging leg raises
Cable crunches
Around the worlds
Reverse crunch
Planks (with plates on back)
Side planks (with dumbbells on side)
KB swings
Mountain climbers
Crunches on ball
Leg lifts with ball and med ball
Tuck jumps
Leg lifts with ball lying on bench
Declined leg lifts on declined bench
Reverse crunches on declined bench
Walking planks
Oh my goodness this list could be reallllyyy looonnnggg! I work them differently every time! Different sets, different order, different versions, different weights, different weights...oh the possibilities! Think outside the box with abs-crunches don't cut it, plus they are bad for your neck!
I am always approached by older and younger pple, men and women about my training, and they ask me all kinda of questions. I literally stand out in the gym because I don't workout like normal or how most pple do. I am all over the place (ground, walls, machines, benches, one side to another to another). I do to the gym to do work, not to socialize. I don't prefer a workout buddy unless you have a killer person like I have and train the same way, have the same goals and training in mind.
Sorry for the rant but I get "how to you train?" or "what do you do?" or "what do you eat?" I work hard as hell, and eat clean as heaven!

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