Tuesday, August 21, 2012

P28 Protein Bread Review

I have consumed half of 1 loaf and half of 1 bagel bag. So I can say...this is the best bread I've ever tasted!

I am not a bread person at all! We buy whole wheat but I literally haven't had a piece of it in like a year! Since I didn't want p28 to go to waste I needed to eat it like everyday so I added 1 slice of bread with a tiny dab of natural peanut butter to my morning overnight oats protein smoothie. I did realize I had more energy at the gym because carbs is your energy so consuming it about an hour before you workout (enough time for it to digest and be available for your muscles) is beneficial. And a few times I have added half (or a full lol) bagel to go with my post workout protein shake; carbs & protein should be consumed after a workout for your muscles to have something to feed off and grow from. If you don't consume some form of protein or carbs within 30mins, your body will start eating up your muscles! Plus carbs supply you with energy to keep your body going after a workout, if you feel sluggish and tired afterwards you need to eat! Because you should not be at all! Workouts stimulate your endorphins which make you happy and energized!
I have had p28 savory and sweet!
           POST WORKOUT:::Bagel with a tsp of Walnut Butter with a mixture of cottage cheese, flax meal, chia seeds, cinnamon,   vanilla greek yogurt on top and topped obviously with fruit:
BREAKFAST:::2 slices toasted bread (p.s. toasting is better for digesting!) with same mixture as above (i just added a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder to the bottom one), topped with 1/2 unripe banana (i only like green bananas & they have less sugar!) drizzled with all natural organic pnut butter:
LUNCH:::1/2 toasted bagel with tsp hummus, cilantro, spinach, mixed lettuce, 2 egg whites (one with just pepper, the other with just turmeric) with a side of cold steamed carrots (the best!):

My family even likes this bread- i was nice enough for each one of them to have a bagel and 2 slices of bread.
My dads responded with "chewy but i really liked my PB & J on it"
My sis said "its tastes like you"
My mom said "i love the chewy texture and the nutty flavor"
What do i love about it? Well the chewyness is very different but amazingly good, the nutty flavor from the flax comes out, the softness makes it so fresh, the nutrition label is amazing (28g protein!!!), and i just love love love the flavor.
When the box was delivered it obviously traveled in a hot UPs truck because i could smell it before i even opened the box. It was like a delivery of fresh baked bread! So fragrant and soft. It was too bad i had already eaten because i could have dug in right away.
Some things i want to try with the remaing p28...sweet french toast (with egg whites!), savory french toast (with egg whites), chicken panini, sweet & savory egg white sandwich on th bagel...oh the possibilites!!!

You can get these from their page here or on bb.com here or from amazon here.


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  1. I LOVE p28 bread! Did you know they are coming out with wraps too? My favorite thing to do is make panninis with it.