Friday, August 24, 2012

Outside the gym...

I am constantly doing something active and working on my fitness. I try to be productive like calf raises while brushing my teeth, or squats or whatev you get my idea. I have also added pushups before I go to bed and ab holds while my smoothies and shakes are mixing.
You have to take a huge step outside of your comfort zone if you want to develop muscles and see a change. Challenge yourself constantly!
I've incorporated different exercises for my active reds and my super sets like: burpee box jumps, heavy dumbbell in one arm from lying to standing with the arm constantly straight up, handstand pushups, walking up the wall handstands (start in a plank then start walking your feet up the wall while you walk your hands back-this is very advanced so don't try it if your not used to hard stuff, you could buckle your arms and land in your head), doubleunders...on the list goes on, I get super creative in the gym!
I have been asked by many trainers and men at my gym about if I was training for a Fitness Figure Competition, I said its been on my mind but I need to bulk up first and get more muscle. So I has been on my mind but my body needs to get wayyyy more stronger. So I lift heavy and push hard to always shock my body and muscles so they will grow.
You really never know what your body can do or what it's capable of until you try!!!
So please go try!

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