Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Leg Press Exercise

So I am changing up my workouts every single time to jut keep my muscles guessing and impact them more. The same routine and sets and weight just become redundant to your muscles and they get used to it and don't change. Like I keep saying-step outside if your comfort zone and push yourself!
So enough of that...
So I have seen a few on the monster buff guys do leg press on the smith machine and immediately I was intrigued! Anything new, I'm going to try! So my spotter was not at the gym do I resorted to do it one my own.
Lower the smith machine bar to little less than halfway and load some weights; start with low and work your way up to feel how comfortable it is. Lay a mat down and lay down with bottom of butt right under the bar. Raise legs to meet bar (knees should be bent not quite 90 degree angle), keep back to ground and body relaxed. Push off with your feet until the bar gets out of the locks, depending on how the locks are, you may need to reach up and twist the be so it doesn't catch back in the lock (this is where a spotter is handy). Lower as low as your hips allow. Legs should come down on either side of torso. Once you get as low as you can, push bar all the way back up. Do as many reps as possible. Then have your spotter set bar in lock or reach back up with one leg holding up the bar and twist bar into locks.
Be careful! You need to have the safety locks high up just in case. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself don't do it because you do not want to hurt yourself.

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