Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lunabar Review

So when I received this box in my mail I was so excited! I had always seen Larabars on instagram and some other blogs and have always wanted to try them.
Well I chose a few flavors (which was pretty hard they all looked so good)a and next was to test them.
I ate them plain, heated up with nut butter, heated up with coconut butter, broken atop Greek yogurt, and stirred into a protein smoothie for some texture.
Why caught my eye with these bars was the ingredients: nothing added only clean foods. They get the chewiness from the dates which is also makes them sweet. Simple ingredients: fruit and nuts!
So banana bread was my first to try and I was surprised because I got a that flavor; it was not just a banana-y flavor.
I crumbled the peanut butter cup on my Greek yogurt which also had almond butter mixed in so it was just nuttiness in a bowl!
I had the coconut cream pie in my chocolate banana smoothie so that was a nice combo.
The last few I simply had plain-on the go snack, evening snack, a pick-me-up etc.
These bars are satisfying and yummy. Don't be hesitant by the nutrition facts, especially the sugar, it comes from the dates which are a fruit so it's a natural sugar. Protein is low but these are not protein bars. All in all, I enjoyed them.
You can find them just about anywhere-stores, amazon, or their website ( ). There are 24 flavors so you have a wide variety.
Thank you Larabar! I look forward to trying the rest of the flavors

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