Friday, August 24, 2012


Oh yes a smile is always on my face this day!
Hams & glutes were on the menu:
*Squats (with feet far away)-wide, middle, close
*front squats
*calf raises
*deep squats
*heavy walking bumbbell lunges
*leg press (with feet up high) wide, middle, close
*more calf raises
*hip thrusts
*leg extensions
*leg curls
*wall sits with 45
I was do supersets and active rests to keep my HR up & I go HEAVY! And I mean heavy where I keep adding weights till I can't budge it.
Followed with 10mins of stretching-so important! That lactic acid needs to be released and get blood flow to those torn muscle fibers. It helps them grow and lengthen.
I get just as sweaty doing legs as I would running on a treadmill. Just Cardio isn't the answer.

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