Sunday, August 26, 2012

Small 6 Pack Meal Bag

Indeed I ordered one of these fancy buggers!
I've seen all the bb use them and tons of athletes and fitness gurus and I knew I needed one. I hate carrying 3 different bags for all my meals!
It comes wit the ice packs, the trays, the containers etc. I wanted the black but they were out so I got the silver (no pink for this girl!).
The side compartments are for your bottles, protein shake bottles, fruit, utensils, basically whatever but that's what they show. The top has a tray for your vitamins, granola bars, nuts, tea you know whatever. Then the front unzips and there are three sections for your meals; the trays come out so you can fit just 2 or one big thing I there. The ice packs slide in on either side.
So I am so excited! I will for sure need this for my clinical days and when I graduate am be a real RN working 12 hour shifts, this bad boy will come in handy!
So I ordered mine from amazon because the sixpack website is ├╝ber expensive with $20 shipping. Um no thank you! My was $8 shipping.
I will give you all the ins and outs once it comes in. Check 'Em out!

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