Monday, August 6, 2012

My Parfait Kick Continues...

So I have so much Greek yogurt in my fridge, I figured why not create a new parfait?!
CinnPB Egg White & Choc Protein Parfait:
2 egg whites
Almond milk
1 tbsp raw oats
1 tbsp pb2 (or peanut butter)
Plain nonfat Greek yogurt
Skim ricotta cheese
Choc protein
1. Microwave or scramble the egg whites and cinnamon. Allow to cool.
2. Throw eggs, oats, splash of almond milk, pb2 in blender. Blend till smooth-if need more liquid add more almond milk
3. Make protein frosting by slowing adding water to 1 scoop of choc protein until you get desired consistency.
4. Begin layering however you want.
Mine went like this-Greek yogurt, egg white mixture, choc frosting, granola, ricotta cheese, egg white mixture, choc frosting, granola...etc.
(had little extra choc frosting so I mixed it with remaining Greek yogurt and goin to sav it for my overnight oat smoothie tomorrow morning)
I always use a frosted glass that way everything is really cold.
This was after I MURDERED my legs at the gym so I wanted protein, protein, protein with some carbs.


  1. I never thought about doing egg whites with cinnamon.. I would love to try this soon. Thanks for sharing in the FB / FitFluential running group!


  2. I never thought about egg whites in a PARFIAT. This is brilliant!