Thursday, August 16, 2012

Workouts & Eats

So I've upped my intake to see if I see a change in my bod/muscles and my recovery. So far I'm more defined I can see and stronger! I just added more food not more meals. I added 1 slice p28 bread to go with my overnight oatmeal morning smoothie and 1 whole p28 bagel to go with my post workout protein shake. I'm trying to get more nutrients into me so I have also added raw carrots and spinach to all my yummy!
My ears are still just as clean and workouts have escalated to even heavier weights. My hands are tortured and covered with calluses but that's not ugly to me, it shows hard work and dedication!
So last night I got a package...p28 protein bread!!! I got so much I had to freeze over half. My family was just as happy since I offered to share ;); they each had a bagel for breakfast. A review will be coming!
I posted my sprint HIIT workout from today (post back) since I've been asked a lot on instagram. I start at speed 10 and work up to speed 12 in 4mins on incline 1. I ran 40secs, 35, 30, 25secs throughout it. With active rest of squats and calf raises. My HIT changes EVERY SINGLE day so this is simply an example. I was trying to stay at the gym longer to wait for a certain someone and was super pumped (extra food this a.m.????) so I sprinted for 35mins.

4 egg white omelet filled with bell peppers, tomatoes & jalepenos. hummus and peas
chocPBbananaprotein shake with 2 egg whites on whole wheat with hummus & tomatoes & spinach
Leg Day! My fav! Leg press weights increased to 3 45lbers on each side, i end leg day with wall sits with 45lb plate, 3x until failure. My legs were shaking so bad-i recovered with a whole lot of sushi for lunch...sushimi, salmon, rice, salad, cucumbers...with lots of wasabi!
A.M. routine: up before 620, down glass of water with ACV, 1 cup of coffee, make overnight oatmeal protein smoothie, make post workout protein shake, vitamins, get ready, pack shake, grab bag and out door at 715.

Bi & Tri followed with Hill HIIT & abs. i was sweating bullets!

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