Friday, August 10, 2012

Artisana Nut Butter Review

So when I got this package in, to say I was excited was an understatement!
I seriously could not live without nut butter in my life so trying new kinds and a new brand was pretty rad.
Almond butter-I mean I have loved this from the get go so I knew it would just be awesome. I had it in one of my parfaits.
Pecan Butter-really rich & flavorful. Again I had it in a parfait.
Macadamia-really creamy. It has cashews in it as well but the macadamia is still distinguishable. I had on my green protein pancakes.
Cocoa bliss-oh yummy! Perfect combo with plain Greek yogurt.
Cashew-creamy and smooth. Its not what I expected, it's not a cashewy flavor. It's hard to describe, just creamy! I had it on some protein pancakes as well.
Walnut-oh dear thick and rich. It doesn't take much. I have had it in Greek yogurt, parfaits and protein pancakes.
Coconut-yum. That's it, pure coconuty flavor. I have heated it and put atop frozen Greek protein FroYo,iced with Greek yogurt, on top of a protein bar, in a smoothie...
Coconut oil-I can so smell coconut when it's heating in a pan, the aroma is yummy. It doesn't give the food a coconut flavor but it is a heathy fat to cook with. I used it for my egg white choc protein omelet; browned it up all nice too!
My Favorite:Almond! Of course!
Most Unique:macadamia
My least:um none, all yummy in there own way!
I love that these products do not have extra add ins; the are all raw, all natural ingredients. One ingredient is how it should be.
So far Artisana is my fav Nut Butter brand!
Thank you do much for your awesome goods!
You can find there butters in health food stores, amazon, or their website!
Try them!!!

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