Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bulking is not an 'Off Season!'

Last night was shoulders and arms! Two rounds-first is light weight high rep, second is high weight low rep. Man brutal WOD! Finished with abs-each circuit group down three times, no rest between sets or circuits! Burn baby burn! (P.s. the pic is my workout buddy)
Egg whites Cocoa Banana oats
Tuna with saricha sauce, apple
2 hard boiled egg whites, hummus with flax crackers, nonfat cappuccino
Tuna with saracha sauce
Casein mixed with Greek yogurt topped with PB and carob chips
Cottage cheese mixed with MGN protein

I was watching on YouTube a video about Mr. California and it was about eating. He talked about how important it is to eat A LOT if you want to build. He said if you have been eating a lot and not seeing the results you want, eat more! So after watching that, I went back to the kitchen for the cottage cheese. His motto "eat big to get big!" He said what you eat before your workout will determine if you have a good workout or not. He is huge so he eats 12 egg whites and 2 cups of oatmeal. But I don't eat that much but I'm upping my both my whites and oats in the morning! Staying lean while bulking though. Bulking is not an "off season!" Who wants an off season anyway?!? Not me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing catch up

So been MIA since my vaca in Reno; don't worry I still worked out everyday at my hotels gym and ate clean...sorta. I hate clean on thanksgiving-lots of protein and veggies! I ate a buffet too! You can eat clean there just be smart about it! For dessert I had FroYo and chocolate covered strawberries. So just a little cheat there.
Yesterday was a bad day for me; I was out of it mentally and physically for some reason but I still killed chest and back. We busted out about 200 pull-ups!!! My hand was killed and busted open gnarly bad! Then I had class- I had a test too which I bombed-I honestly don't know who I woke up to yesterday but glad she is gone! I talked to my buddy and he made me feel better.
Today I woke up in BEAST MODE! Legs!m man I felt so good with the Olympic bar. i was pushing uber hard and loved it! I also wore my new Nike Free Run+3s. I missed my gym!
Today's eats:
Chocolate protein cake
MGN Banana Protein Shake
Egg whites w/bell peppers, cucumbers, avocado, carrots
Chicken, brussel sprouts, apple
WW pasta with tomato sauce and turkey meatballs
Chocolate MGN protein mixed with cottage cheese and some stevia.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Chocolate Brownie Protein Shake

So I wanted one of my protein bars but they are getting dry so I didn't want it plain yet I wanted a cold I combine the two.
Chocolate Brownie Protein Shake:
1 chocolate protein bar (look at previous posts for recipe)
1 frozen banana
Unsweetened almond milk
1. Blend it up!
Yummy and satisfying!

Post Thanksgiving Leg Circuit

Complete round one with light weight, high reps. Complete round round two with heavy weights, low reps. Finish with elliptical on high elevation to work the tushy!

Black Friday Cellucor deal!

Use my code:PeaceLoveFit for 20% off & FREE shipping with the addition of this deal! When you purchase any C4 flavor you will receive a free bottle of NO3 Chrome! What?! Crazy I know! Plus if you hurry you'll get a free T shirt and entered for a chance to win! Go hurry!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cocoa Coffee Protein Bars

Packing Time!

Today was legs and man I went heavy with the Olympic bar. Conclusion:I need a weight belt to lift heavy and protect my back. So the search will begin!
Sweet potato protein cake
Spinach-banana protein shake
Egg whites and sweet potato
Chicken, sweet potato, apple
Salmon brussel sprouts
Chocolate casein ice cream

Tomorrow I leave for my vacation to Reno with my family. Man I need an escape from my town and nursing school and work! Not from the gym though! I made sure my hotel had a gym available. I'm planning on hittin it up early in the morning. I made the Cocoa Coffee Protein Bars for my preworkout fuel and packed everything I need to make overnight oats. Protein powder, casein, nut butter, fruit, power bars, stevia, tea, nuts, granola, and some other stuff! Prepped and ready! My suitcase is full of workout gear and food! Haha
Anyways pics to come of my vaca and my adventure with the hotel's gym. I already have workouts planned out so it depends on what they provide.

Sweet Potato Protein Cake

Best ever! It's a must make!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SF: Lion King & Davids Tea

Yesterday my family and I headed off to SF to see the broadway show The Lion King. First we had dinner at an Italian restaurant allied Buca's where I had a seafood pasta (with a spicy red tomato sauce-no creaminess!) and antipasti salad with NO bread! Also my family orders 6 cannolis and I did not eat one! Didn't even have the urge to.
All I cared about was going to Davids Tea Store. I knew which ones I wanted to buy and which flavor I wanted to order as a latte. I purchase a 50g bag of Stormy night and Jumpey Monkey; I ordered a Buttered Rum Tea Latte. I also purchased a new mesh metal sieve. I wanted to get mugs and travel ups and pretty much all theirs teas! (I used the buttered rum tea bags 4 times and I still got flavor out! Waste not!)
Off we headed to the show in the rain. Show was awesome! It was pouring after so we trekked to our car and ended up being soaking wet. I packed my casein protein which I downed on the way home. Yes I'm ALWAYS prepared! Have to be if you want 'that bod.'
I got home at like 2 and my internal clock woke me up at 630am. So I ate and got ready for the gym. Arrived by 745 with lots of energy-was running on the 'no sleep energy.' It was back and bis followed with some abs and cycling.
I needed a pick-me-up before work so I hit up Starbucks for a nonfat SF caramel cappuccino. My postworkout eats was a parfait of vanilla overnight protein oats layered with nonfat plain Greek yogurt, sunflower seed butter, and banana. It was happiness in a cup!
When I got home, my mom was decorating for time of the year!!!
Dinner was homemade Filipino Soup. Perfect winter, comfort, clean dish.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Circuit Thursday & More Deliveries

Today's circuit was brutal and worked my whole bod. I finished the 40 min circuit (photo) and busted another 20 min circuit of tri push-up burpee into pull ups (10) and front squat getting low enough to sit on the smallest box. As many rounds as possible in the time. Lets just say with last nights million pull-ups and today's million, I have developed new blisters on these ol hands of mine.
These kinds of circuits allow me to blast off uber amounts of calories in short periods of time. I like to keep my bid guessing. Change it up all the time.

I received a knock on the front door and I knew it was going to be my package; I ran to the door in not proper attire to answer the door (booties & bra), peeked to make sure the UPS guy was gone, opened the door, snatched my giant box and ran to get scissors. TaDa it was my MGN protein powder and casein! I got Cake batter whey pure isolate & chocolate frosting casein. Well of course I had to dig in. So for dinner I made a simple protein mug cake. Yummy flavor but I already knew it was scrumptious.
Protein mug cake
Protein shake
Egg whites with sautéed bananas topped with Greek yogurt with cappuccino
Green smoothie
Peanut flour pb with steamed carrots
Protein mug cake with Banana Bread tea
Casein pudding with Sugar cookie dough tea
Yay my stomach was a bottomless pit today and I was hungry all day!

Tomorrow will be awesome-I'm going to SF to see Lion King on broadway and I'm going to Davids Tea Store!!! Yee I'll be purchasing more tea and ordering a Buttered Rum Tea Latte at their tea bar. I'm so excited! How sad is that?! Oh well it's the simple things that being me happiness!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boring Day, Eventful Gym Sesh

Clinical today was uber boring so I needed a pick me up from good ol Starbucks; I got a Nonfat SF Vanilla Green Tea Latte. I enjoyed it out in the sun reading my Arnold BB book (which by the way is really interesting!)
Gym was arms & cardio, by cardio I mean killer crossfit WOD. The arm workout was all about working on arm exercises while balancing and using your core. The WOD was 8 burpees pull ups, 10 front squat thrusts, 20 mountain climbers each side. As many rounds as possible in 20 mins. Holy moly I was sweating in like 2 mins and panting and heaving. It felt so awesome and exhausting! We were defiantly getting a crowd while doing this cause we train out of the norm, we are doing crazy stuff and not many pple see girls busting out pull-ups. So indeed we were approached by many and we complimented like crazy which felt really awesome. Especially for me, they were saying "wow you don't see girls at all doing pull ups! That is awesome!" Made me feel better. Sometimes I think too hard on myself or don't see my potential; that's why I love how my buddy Dave reminds me every single day.
So today's eats:
Egg white oats w/mini banana
Chicken & green beans & apple
Chicken & 1/4 apple
Chicken & green beans
Casein ice cream made w/cottage cheese and nonfat plain Greek yogurt topped w/ almond butter, coconut butter and a few Chocolate Tortilla (which was in my blog swagger box) and Sugar Cookie Dough Tea.

Cellucor Delivery

I received my Cellucor Stack from my lovely advisor today.
I was sent C4 preworkout, more BCAA powder, NO3, samples of C4 & Super HD to hand out to pple REALLY interested in purchasing from Cellucor, a bag, and their new protein flavors (peanut butter marshmallow, strawberry, cookies and cream, whirled vanilla and a few others).
Their products are amazing and I love them. Use this code to your advantage please!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Photos

Collection of photos that I've been meaning to post: some workouts, back progress, best analogy of bodybuilding that describes the who what and why of me, am my poor empty MGN protein