Saturday, November 17, 2012

SF: Lion King & Davids Tea

Yesterday my family and I headed off to SF to see the broadway show The Lion King. First we had dinner at an Italian restaurant allied Buca's where I had a seafood pasta (with a spicy red tomato sauce-no creaminess!) and antipasti salad with NO bread! Also my family orders 6 cannolis and I did not eat one! Didn't even have the urge to.
All I cared about was going to Davids Tea Store. I knew which ones I wanted to buy and which flavor I wanted to order as a latte. I purchase a 50g bag of Stormy night and Jumpey Monkey; I ordered a Buttered Rum Tea Latte. I also purchased a new mesh metal sieve. I wanted to get mugs and travel ups and pretty much all theirs teas! (I used the buttered rum tea bags 4 times and I still got flavor out! Waste not!)
Off we headed to the show in the rain. Show was awesome! It was pouring after so we trekked to our car and ended up being soaking wet. I packed my casein protein which I downed on the way home. Yes I'm ALWAYS prepared! Have to be if you want 'that bod.'
I got home at like 2 and my internal clock woke me up at 630am. So I ate and got ready for the gym. Arrived by 745 with lots of energy-was running on the 'no sleep energy.' It was back and bis followed with some abs and cycling.
I needed a pick-me-up before work so I hit up Starbucks for a nonfat SF caramel cappuccino. My postworkout eats was a parfait of vanilla overnight protein oats layered with nonfat plain Greek yogurt, sunflower seed butter, and banana. It was happiness in a cup!
When I got home, my mom was decorating for time of the year!!!
Dinner was homemade Filipino Soup. Perfect winter, comfort, clean dish.

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