Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boring Day, Eventful Gym Sesh

Clinical today was uber boring so I needed a pick me up from good ol Starbucks; I got a Nonfat SF Vanilla Green Tea Latte. I enjoyed it out in the sun reading my Arnold BB book (which by the way is really interesting!)
Gym was arms & cardio, by cardio I mean killer crossfit WOD. The arm workout was all about working on arm exercises while balancing and using your core. The WOD was 8 burpees pull ups, 10 front squat thrusts, 20 mountain climbers each side. As many rounds as possible in 20 mins. Holy moly I was sweating in like 2 mins and panting and heaving. It felt so awesome and exhausting! We were defiantly getting a crowd while doing this cause we train out of the norm, we are doing crazy stuff and not many pple see girls busting out pull-ups. So indeed we were approached by many and we complimented like crazy which felt really awesome. Especially for me, they were saying "wow you don't see girls at all doing pull ups! That is awesome!" Made me feel better. Sometimes I think too hard on myself or don't see my potential; that's why I love how my buddy Dave reminds me every single day.
So today's eats:
Egg white oats w/mini banana
Chicken & green beans & apple
Chicken & 1/4 apple
Chicken & green beans
Casein ice cream made w/cottage cheese and nonfat plain Greek yogurt topped w/ almond butter, coconut butter and a few Chocolate Tortilla (which was in my blog swagger box) and Sugar Cookie Dough Tea.

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