Saturday, November 3, 2012

Call me crazy!

People at the gym call me that all the time and I love it! Compliment on my part!
So recap...
Friday was Hammie & Butt
Pumpkin Protein Shake
Choc Protein mug Cake
Power bowl
Chicken breast & shrimp
Sweet potato topped with nonfat Greek yogurt & almond butter with pumpkin chia tea latte
Coconut choc mug cake & casein ice cream (recipes on previous post).

Today was Chest, Back, cardio & abs.
For cardio, I added 25lbs of weight plates to my backpack, put on hoodie and jumped on the stairmaster for a KILLER SWEATY workout! Not kidding my legs were burning and I was dripping all over. This is a must try FitFam!
Hopped off that, kept the pack on and did some push-ups and planks-holy cow I collapsed. Then went on to do some abs.
Pumpkin Protein Shake
Egg whites and overnight oats Greek yogurt parfait
Chicken breast and shrimp
Pork, beans, rice, salsa, jalepenos
Casein pudding

Tomorrow is rest day and I need it! After the shower today I'll be putting on tiger balm or the icy hot stuff--man it really works after the shower, it's a must try FitFam! Also I use a heating pad in my bed going to bed and it feels totally relaxing! I try to do whatever I can to keep my muscles up to par, growing, and healthy!
My body is my temple!!! I don't just eat clean and workout for my temple-I take care of my skin, teeth, nails, hairs etc...while body needs nourishing!
Tip: after every shower, I cover my self in cocoa butter lotion and then baby powder! My skin is never dry and super soft. Hello I think of how I want my skin to look in the future! I dot want to be up on stage at 30 competing in a bikini and have wrinkly skin! lol

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