Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bulking is not an 'Off Season!'

Last night was shoulders and arms! Two rounds-first is light weight high rep, second is high weight low rep. Man brutal WOD! Finished with abs-each circuit group down three times, no rest between sets or circuits! Burn baby burn! (P.s. the pic is my workout buddy)
Egg whites Cocoa Banana oats
Tuna with saricha sauce, apple
2 hard boiled egg whites, hummus with flax crackers, nonfat cappuccino
Tuna with saracha sauce
Casein mixed with Greek yogurt topped with PB and carob chips
Cottage cheese mixed with MGN protein

I was watching on YouTube a video about Mr. California and it was about eating. He talked about how important it is to eat A LOT if you want to build. He said if you have been eating a lot and not seeing the results you want, eat more! So after watching that, I went back to the kitchen for the cottage cheese. His motto "eat big to get big!" He said what you eat before your workout will determine if you have a good workout or not. He is huge so he eats 12 egg whites and 2 cups of oatmeal. But I don't eat that much but I'm upping my both my whites and oats in the morning! Staying lean while bulking though. Bulking is not an "off season!" Who wants an off season anyway?!? Not me!

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