Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why hello UPS!

New deliveries are so awesome...even more when you get an unexpected one...and a bummer when one doesn't come...
I received my David's Tea: Cocomint Cream & Banana Bread which came with samples if Cookie Dough, Vanilla Delight and Banana Cream Pie! So complete excited try makes these into tea lattes!!!
My next box was basically 'blog swagger' full of different stuff. The card said it was a Holiday Survival Package! It contained sweet potato chips, chocolate tortilla chips, two teas, chap stick, docks, bunch of Lara bars, dried fruit, Justin's pb cup. Yummy! The benefits if being a blogger!
I have been WaItInG for my MGN protein to arrive but it hasn't 😫 I am forced to use a different protein and I miss my MGN!
Also today I was at TJ Maxx and they have so many flavored coffee bags I seriously wanted all if them but I chose one: I figured I could always get more once I finish one. It was between Gingerbread Spice, Pumpkin Pie, Snickers Pie, Birthday Cake, Hazelnut Cream, Coconut...so many more but I went with Snickers Pie because the aroma of it was seeping out if the bag just screaming 'choose me!' I plan on using it to make cappuccinos.
So I will totally let you know of how these all taste!

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