Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Packing Time!

Today was legs and man I went heavy with the Olympic bar. Conclusion:I need a weight belt to lift heavy and protect my back. So the search will begin!
Sweet potato protein cake
Spinach-banana protein shake
Egg whites and sweet potato
Chicken, sweet potato, apple
Salmon brussel sprouts
Chocolate casein ice cream

Tomorrow I leave for my vacation to Reno with my family. Man I need an escape from my town and nursing school and work! Not from the gym though! I made sure my hotel had a gym available. I'm planning on hittin it up early in the morning. I made the Cocoa Coffee Protein Bars for my preworkout fuel and packed everything I need to make overnight oats. Protein powder, casein, nut butter, fruit, power bars, stevia, tea, nuts, granola, and some other stuff! Prepped and ready! My suitcase is full of workout gear and food! Haha
Anyways pics to come of my vaca and my adventure with the hotel's gym. I already have workouts planned out so it depends on what they provide.

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