Thursday, November 15, 2012

Circuit Thursday & More Deliveries

Today's circuit was brutal and worked my whole bod. I finished the 40 min circuit (photo) and busted another 20 min circuit of tri push-up burpee into pull ups (10) and front squat getting low enough to sit on the smallest box. As many rounds as possible in the time. Lets just say with last nights million pull-ups and today's million, I have developed new blisters on these ol hands of mine.
These kinds of circuits allow me to blast off uber amounts of calories in short periods of time. I like to keep my bid guessing. Change it up all the time.

I received a knock on the front door and I knew it was going to be my package; I ran to the door in not proper attire to answer the door (booties & bra), peeked to make sure the UPS guy was gone, opened the door, snatched my giant box and ran to get scissors. TaDa it was my MGN protein powder and casein! I got Cake batter whey pure isolate & chocolate frosting casein. Well of course I had to dig in. So for dinner I made a simple protein mug cake. Yummy flavor but I already knew it was scrumptious.
Protein mug cake
Protein shake
Egg whites with sautéed bananas topped with Greek yogurt with cappuccino
Green smoothie
Peanut flour pb with steamed carrots
Protein mug cake with Banana Bread tea
Casein pudding with Sugar cookie dough tea
Yay my stomach was a bottomless pit today and I was hungry all day!

Tomorrow will be awesome-I'm going to SF to see Lion King on broadway and I'm going to Davids Tea Store!!! Yee I'll be purchasing more tea and ordering a Buttered Rum Tea Latte at their tea bar. I'm so excited! How sad is that?! Oh well it's the simple things that being me happiness!

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