Monday, November 5, 2012

Get out of your Comfort Zone!

Only way to see changes is to beyond what you know and are comfortable with. This is Dave and my philosophy in the gym-we are always stepping out of that zone because we know to get results, that's what you have to do. We want ripped physiques and we aren't going to get them half assing it, not giving 100%, not lifting heavy and not training crazy!
So enough of my motivation speech...
Today we killed an 18 exercises arm workout-each exercise was heavy as heck and dropping as needed and to failure-basically until you can't possibly do another dang set...we did that for every single one of those 18 workouts. Then we went on to kill some abs and uphill sprint HIIT cardio.
Overnight oats berry smoothie
MGN protein shake
Tuna w/veggies, sriracha on top, carrots
Apple, RAW cubes
Chicken, cucumbers, bell peppers w/salsa & hummus
Cookies and cream Casein Sugar Cookie dough Tea latte

Ps have a BIG surprise coming up to share!!! Not only benefits me but you too! Stay tuned!

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