Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sweat out Frustration

Lately I've totally been stressed with nursing school, my baby pit bulls, my family and the part of life that dumps on you. Well I deal with it with heavy weighs in my hands and on my shoulders, not a pint of Ben & Jerry's. so this week has been a killer and I'm uber sore.
Today was Back&Bi's followed with HIIT on the stairmaster with my trusty weighted pack of 25lbs. I had on my hoodie and went to town with running up those babies!
I kept the pack on and finished with an moves. Lets just say my hoodie was soaked...I don't even want to talk about my tank underneath...
In the locker room my abs were poppin after I or out of the shower so a pic was necessary! Proud moment.
I've realized this is just the beginning and I need to have patience. I will get the body I want, the muscles, the strength, the endurance in time as long as I am consistent. And I'm not giving up that is for sure.
Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Protein Cake (1/4 c oats, egg white, scoop cinnamon bun MGN protein, flax, chia, baking soda/powder-nuked)
MGN Ice cream Sandwich Shake
Salmon, brown rice, bruschetta
Nuked apple with Greek yogurt & Davids Secret Weapon Tea Latte
Brown rice with two eggs atop-nuked and topped with Spicy Hummus, jalepenos & bell peppers.
Cottage cheese casein pudding topped with almond butter, carob chips, coconut butter.

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