Friday, November 9, 2012

Building the Booty

After looking at recent WBFF competition photos from some ladies on Instagram, I realized a round, full, booty is essential. They seriously wear like thing type bikinis with the majority of the bum (cheeks) out. This bulking season means I need to grow grow grow! My booty is not near where it needs and should be.
So squats-ass to grass it is!
Today I went with leg day using the Smith Machine on some moves. I have lordosis of the spine so it's hard for me to lift heavy with just weights and a bar. The support of the smith allows me to lift gnarly heavy and not kill my lower back as much.
I wrote a brutal workout and thought an hour and a half was way more than enough time...oh no I about cried when I had to leave to get ready for work; I missed out on my weighted wall sits which I now use x4 45lb plates. Beasting it up!!!
I made my post workout shake and packed it with me and OMG happiness in my mouth! I had MGN Cake Batter Protein with ice, water, almond milk, and frozen banana. If this doesn't cure a sweet tooth, I don't know what would. I didn't want my cup to end!!! I plan on making a giant blender full of one sometime in the future!

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