Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Supps & the effects..

Yesterday was a sorta lazy day-i didnt get home umtil about 1am yesterday morning which i reallly late for me. My bed time be 9! I know im a grandma...
So i completed my chest & tri day here at home. Since i was home literally all day i was able to photograph my whole day of eats.
Breakfast: overnight oatmeal smoothie
-overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp flax meal, green tea leaves, 2-3 tbsp raspberry yogurt, vanilla liquid stevia, splash water or almond milk. store in fridge overnight.
-add ice, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 scoop Vanilla Rice Protein , water, almond milk, overnight oats.
-blend and pour in frozen glass!
PostWorkout: ChocBanPBProtein Shake
Lunch: egg white omelet
-3 egg whites
-sauteed: red onion, bell peppers, jalepenos(poured eggs on top of this & cooked)
-tomatoes, spinach(inside)
-avocado tomatillo salsa on top
-cucumbers with hummus on the side
Snack: Nonfat plain greek yogurt mixed with Artisana Cocoa Bliss
Dinner: salmon with avocado & tomatoes slices on top with grilled corn on the cob, jalepeno on the side
Evening Snack(not pictured): Larabar Blueberry Muffin Bar

                                                This is what a clean day looks like.
Last night i had a delivery from UPS...and got my Sunwarrior Protein and pb2 from iherb.

I also got my samples of Cellucor; i was sent pre workout c4, choc and vanilla protein powder, creatine free preworkout, fat burner pills. I was contacted on instagram by a supplier and he sent me a whole lot! I was so excited. (since i finished all my sunwarrior, ive decided to stick with strictly cellucor until i finish all my samples and see my results).

So this morning i knew i had to try this c4 for my morning leg session. I tried the watermelon flavor and yummmm!!! totally tasty! I drank it with about 8oz of water on my way to the gym (about 25mins before).
Well i was at the gym for an hour and half and man i felt like i could just keep on going. I even added 40 extra lbs to my squats on the smith machine. I was sweatin like no other! I did notice i drank a lot more water which i a plus because i feel i dont drink enough anyway. The package says to drink lots of water with it so i know why now. My guy friend told me i might feel shaky or tingly with c4 but i didnt feel that at all. There are two servings in one package; the guy told me to start with 1 then if needed take 2. I guess its normal to take 2...ill stick with 1.
So my hott guy was there! I havent seen him in like a week! When i looked up and saw him, i got immediate butterflys. Well certainly the biggest crush ive had in a verrryyy loonnggg time. I now confirm that he has to be interested cause we were staring at eachother and smiling the whole entire time. I was waiting for him to say something but nothing yet. But i have decided to talk to him the next time i see him (perhaps tomorrow)!

Wore my new tank and man i certainly did get some glances. But i loved it, totally breezy!
So since i worked my butt today i included one of the exercises i do-the simle version.
1. use leg press machine with feet up high (high targets butt and quads)
2. put a weight plate on your lap and start doing hip raises while sitting on machine for an active rest.
3. go until failure then continue with leg press again.
                            (here is another pic i took from last weeks to show without weights)


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