Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leg Day! & Happiness!

Oh my fav...concentrated on glutes and hamstrings.
Lots if squats (heavy load & light load ass to the floor-literally!), deep lunges, leg press with feet high, hip thrusts, leg curls...oh man just workin the back side.
I push hard and this sweat is just from doing legs! Who says you can't get cardio doing weights?! I keep my HR up and burn about 500-600 cal per session. I do not follow legs with HIIT at all ever! Why? I kill my legs and I'm not leaving the gym until my legs are jelly! Every Single Time!
You get out what you put in!
So enough of encourage ranting and raving....yesterday was the happiest I've been in a long time. My attitude, mood, and just whole self was on a new level. You know when you're just missing something in your life and want that piece to click? Well that's how I felt yesterday. The man at my gym finally stepped up an made the move and we were as giddy as school children...I'll leave it at that for now but let's just say we're on a whole new level than just gym friends ;)
Have an awesome day!!!!

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