Thursday, August 9, 2012

Workout Recap

So I've been slacking on posting my workouts, i always post food haha. What can I say i love to eat...clean food!
So here is some recap of my sessions:
Back & HIIT-lots of lat pull downs, rows, back extensions, pullups etc. HIIT is always 20-30 mins of sprints.

So not sure what day this was but i know i was amped because that little prize in my hand was my amino!
Shoulder, HIIT, & Abs- lots of lateral raises, upright rows, cable flyers, delt raises etc. HIIT was fast sprints. I finished with 40 mins of abs with lots of cable exercises, ball exercises on the ground and on bench, body weight and lots more.

LEG DAY! "Squaterday"- smith machine squats & one legged squats, leg press, walking lunges, calf raises, deadlifts, quad machine filled with lots of heart racing moves inbetween each like box jumps, burpees, switch kicks, vertical jumps, jump ropes oh so much more.

As you can see i post my progress of my abs, there are coming slowly but surely. So I have testing my body with different foods and how it effects my bod but im still in the process so cant tell you just does involve dairy though.
Also if you've been curious about the man at the gym well it has defiantly grown a bit to more talking, the smiles and glances are still there of course!
Lets just say i have so much more motivation at the gym knowing he is there! My motivation level has risen to a new, different, exciting level and i love it. Just hope it continues and grows ;)

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