Wednesday, January 9, 2013

.Fitness Should Be Fun.

I hope everyone has fun and enjoys themselves during a workout. You can't really strive for something or meet a goal if your heart, mind, and body is not into it right? People question me all the time "How do you do it?" "How can you actually enjoy it?"
I love what I do in or out if the gym for my body-I love the pain, the pump, the sweat, the tears, the soreness, the muscles, the weight, the metal...oh boy I could just go on and on. But each person has to realize what they love about and remember why they do. When you feel on a breaking point or you feel down, remember that reason and remind yourself. Give your goals 100% because why would you give anything less?
I love to help and motivate and inspire any way I can-if needed, I'm always here.

So yesterday was leg day (quads & calfs). Lets just say my legs were wobbling when I was done and this morning I had trouble getting out of bed.
Warm up: bike 10mins
heavy leg extension ss heavy adductors
Light leg extension ss light adductors
Sets: each x3
Overhead squat ss 20 deadlifts
PliƩ squat ss heavy snatch
Front squat ss 50 single leg calf raises
Leg press on smith machine ss 50 calf raises on smith
Leg press ss calf raises on press
Drop Sets:
Leg extensions

Stretch! <-IMPORTANT, don't forget!

Now today was Shoulder & Arms
Warm up: bike 10mins, stretch
Stretch with bands
Sets: first round light, second round heavy
Shoulder press
In & out bi curls
Pike press
Concentration curls
Tri kick backs
Single arm kb swings
Crouching Cohen curls
Tri ripe extension
Upright Rows
Friendly curls
Weighted dips

Abs: each x2
Oblique cable crunch ss reverse crunches
Decline med ball crunch ss hanging straight leg raises
Decline crunch ss hanging oblique knee raises
Swiss ball feet to arm pass ss forearm to hands plank roll on Swiss ball

We ended our WOD with a plank stack!!!

Today's eats:
Carrot cake protein EW microwave cake
Cellucor protein shake
Chicken, brown rice, steamed carrots, avocado
Chopped apple mixed with 1/4 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt
2 EW, 1 egg omelet w/mushrooms, spinach, jalepenos, avocado, sriracha
Cellucor protein shake

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