Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lumps of Protein Coal

So I adapted these from Jasmine (aka @jazzythings on IG) but totally changed the outcome.
She keeps these frozen which I started to do...but then i wanted something warm at the moment. So I decided to bake em!

Then after I made them, I realized they fit perfect for this Christams season because they look like "lumps of coal." So if you want to mess with little ones, play a joke and say Santa left you these coal cookies haha

Mint Chocolate Protein "Lumps of Coal:"
-4 scoops chocolate protein powder
-1/3c flax
-1/3c 100% maple syrup
-1/3c almond butter (I used chunky)
-1/2tsp peppermint extract
-3-6tbsp almond milk
1. Mix protein and flax.
2. In separate bowl, nuke maple syrup, almond butter. Add extract and START with 3 tbsp of almond milk.
3. Add to protein mix. Stir really well. 
4. Not coming together? Add a tbsp at a time of almond milk. Stir stir stir. It will come together in a ball.
5. Preheat 325. I stuck the mix in the freezer until the oven was preheated so it would be easier to handle.
6. Roll into balls. Keep them all the same size.
7. Now the tricky part:baking time. I put them in for 3mins (yup 3!). Checked them. Then left the oven door open and watched.

The key is-once you can pick them up off the foil without them sticking, they're done! That is why you want them all the same size. So literally about a total AT THE MOST is 5mins cooking time. 

It's protein powder so it cooks weird.

I literally ate them right then and there. These are gooey and sticky! I enjoyed kinda sucking on one...weird yes but you'd understand once you put it I your mouth.

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