Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baby got 'Back!'

Back, Bis, abs, and cardio this morning. By the time Saturday comes around my body feels have and sore all over and basically screaming for my rest day!
We changed our WODs to more circuit-y this week just to change it up which is nice and it really gets your muscles swole!
Today at the gym I was approached by several people asking about my workouts, how I train, what I eat, that I inspire & motivate them, that I look really good...etc. man nothing makes me feel so happy or satisfied. Hearing that I help, inspire, motivate anyone is the best gift to get! I love that intangible gift/feeling.
Anyways my eats:
Preworkout: protein EggWhite muffin
Postworkout: protein shake
Lunch: overnight protein oats, orange, strawberries.
Snack:chicken breast
Dinner:Greek yogurt w/granola, apple, PB
Snack: casein cottage cheese pudding

Tomorrow is my rest day and suppose to my cheat day but I doubt I will cheat cause why? I never feel deprived or have cravings for sweets. I know I'll be grubbin on sashimi but that is a clean meal so unless you are training for a comp, this is not a cheat (if its covered in that icky mayo saucey stuff).

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