Saturday, December 29, 2012

Workin my Backside

Hammies & Bum on the agenda this Saturday morning.
The WOD was circuit style where I completed each twice and then each separate circuit was divided with 100 squat pulses. I did back squats, overhead squats, hack squats, single arm kb swings, kb burpee thrusts, hip thrusts, good mornings, leg press, single leg squats, abductor machine, lying leg curls, leg extensions, deadlifts, squat machine, pliƩ squats, GHD, wall sits...basically killing my legs and butt.
Plus I PR'd my squats-245!!! Holyness it was heavy! But I managed 8 reps. I also PR'd my deadlifts! All in all it was a killer WOD gym sesh.
You really don't know what you're capable of until you try. Push past the uncomfortableness.
Choc protein EggWhite muffin
Cellucor shake with banana
Body By Vi shake (given by a friend-I don't drink this stuff normally)
WW noodles with tomatoes, avocado, basil
NF Greek yogurt with casein, banana, coconut butter
I didn't eating today what I did since I was at work all day but I tried higher cal foods later.
So I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow! So excited! I packed protein bars, nuts, protein, oats, flax, tea, preworkout, BCAA, apples...ya I'm prepared. My hotel has a gym so I'll be hittin it up early in the morning.
I've been asked a lot about how will I eat there? Well as clean as I can and I may have a drink or two. I didn't take off Christmas vaca or splurge or cheat so I figured I'm ending this year with a few cheats.
I'm leaving at noon but I'm still going to the gym in the morning for back, bis, abs.

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