Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pain never felt so good

Squaterday (quads and calfs) were on the agenda for today-the day following my last day of 3rd semester of the nursing program!!! So I was pumped and felt freedom!
Yesterday free I completed my final, for a celebration I went for round 2 at the gym! Yep only I would go to the gym to celebrate hahaha
Anyways my leg routine was a killer and I concentrated in my muscles and how they felt during every single exercise, lift, rep etc. I listened to when my muscles were screaming in pain and then did one more rep after that pain.
To finish leg day, I jumped on the adductor machine for a blowout! I set the weight to exactly half my normal weight and kept going nonstop until I was about to cry! I hit 245 reps! Man it was hard just getting up from the machine after that!
I am constantly changing my routines, reps, pace, weights, basically everything every single day to keep my muscles guessing.

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  1. I've seen you post plie squats before and i just tried them this morning! Killer in such a wonderful way! Thanks for the inspiration :-)