Monday, December 24, 2012

No Excuses! Even on Christmas Eve!

I had a late night in San Francisco-shopped ate and ate again. First time eating real Filipino food; I had lots if protein and rice but it was tasty! Then for dinner I went to a really fancy restaurant where I had scallops and pumpkin latkes and then...a gingerbread apple and persimmon compote with vanilla bean ice cream, pear granita, and vanilla bean whipped cream, macadamia nuts and a gingerbread cookie. Nom nom! First cheat in about a few months lol I deserved a little Christmas indulgence.
I got to bed at like 1, woke up at 5, and at the gym by 545. My family planned on leaving to Moss Landing at 9 so I had to be there uber early. I had chest and back on the agenda-killed it and loved that I was alone in the weight room!
A older women came up to me while I was leaving and asked if I could train her because I am a machine lol awesome compliment! Then she went in to tell me about her son and asked if I had a bf, haha too funny!
Anyways hope all has a joyful, happy, fun, awesome, family Christmas!

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