Friday, May 31, 2013

Cabo Recap

                  (My Dad and I)
Cabo for a whole week felt more like 2 weeks...why? Because we did absolutely nothing but eat, sit by the pool to tan, eat, swim, and eat! We had all inclusive so it's all you can eat and drink. This was awesome for me because of how much I eat and I was able to make healthier choices like fish which is always more expensive on a regular menu. I mostly ate  at a buffet restaurant so I was able to pick and choose what I wanted. And guess what?! I never once ate dessert! Crazy I know! 
Breakfast was my all time fav-there was an omelet station (egg whites were available!), tons of fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, cappuccinos, quiches, pouched eggs, salsa, guac...heaven. Then for lunch we ordered poolside and I would order the guacamole which was 100% made of just avocados( beyond the bet I've had in my life!), fish ceviche, shrimp ceviche, and taco salad. Dinners changed every night and while everyone got dessert I got coffee with baileys. That was my dessert about 4 of the nights. 
My alcohol beverages consisted of the baileys&coffee, fruit smoothies with Malibu rum, and a drink called Baileys Special which was a smoothie that had baileys, vodka, ice, and piña colada mix (beyond yum!). I am a light weight and cheap date that's for sure!   
I hit up my hotels gym every morning at 630 when it opened. Well I was actually t the door waiting for it to open. The hike up to gym from my room was a mission and an awesome warm up. To go to and from our room you had to go up or down a huge flight of stairs(about 200 steps-booty blaster all day!). My hotel was definitely a 5 star because the gym had everything! I was so excited and blessed! I brought WODs so I knew what I was doing and got in and out by 745. 
No squat rack but there was a smith machine so I had to do leg days on it so I loaded it down with gnarly heavy weight! Cause remember using a smith machine is really cheating your legs. What you think is heavy on there is no where near the weight using an Olympic bar. I meet use a smith for squats but hey gotta do what ya gotta do. 
Right after the gym, I threw on a bathing suit, had breakfast, and headed to the pool. Definitely was relaxing but hard because I'm someone who likes to stay busy. Nice change though (after graduating from nursing school I earned to sit around for a week soaking up the sun). 
Since we aren't partiers, we never went downtown at night-no Giggling Marlin or Squad Row bar action. Just a day trip to town where I got a kick ass shirt from a bar called Happy Ending that had the iconic women in the blue shirt and red bandana flexing. 
      (CrossFit on my mind allll the time!)
I only got wifi once a day so I missed out on lots of my IG FitFam's photos which saddened me because I love my family and seeing there lives through photos. But it was nice to have some distance from technology. 
 I ate semi-clean, had an increase in cals and man I could definitely tell a difference in my bod. My quads and arse has grown hugely! (In a good way!) I come home and lots of my shorts and pants were so dang hard to pull up and were uber tight! I'm not as lean as I was but the abs still remain. Strength over abs for me!
(This was the day after I got home from Cabo)

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