Saturday, August 3, 2013

CrossFit Games

So it's a week since its been over...and I still haven't stopped thinking about it! I was utterly upset I couldn't make it this year due to the insanely fast sellout. I was attached to my computer for the whole week.
Eating and studying in front of it. Taking notes I might add, of movements, tips and other stuff. 
I will be there next year! At a computer the second they are released! 
I lived vicariously through FB and IG pics which kept me in the loop and made me uber jealous all at the same time!
Reebok seriously outdid themselves this year. I was so amazed at the work put in to the venue and athletes and community and I wasn't even there! Reebok has grown hugely in my favor ever since their Reebok CrossFit came about. They're new releases of gear and apparel was awesome. I have been questioning so many athletes who have gotten the new nanos and lifters how they are and I had no doubt I'd get fabulous responses. And sure enough, everyone has amazing things to share. I have not yet gotten new 3.0s but they are on my list! As well as the new lifters! 
One day...
I just loved this pic of Stacie Tovar...I saved soo many photos that are so inspirational. 
So until next year...I'll grow and train and get stronger for the next Open!

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