Friday, August 2, 2013

Vanilla Blueberry Protein Bars

::Vanilla Blueberry Protein Bites::
-1/2c Vanilla Protein (I used Cellucor's) 
-1/2c coconut flour
-1/2c frozen berries
-3/4c water (give or take)
-1 scoop Chocolate protein (I used Cellucor's Molten Choc) 
-1.5 tbsp cocoa powder
-1tbsp coconut oil
-2-3tbsp water
1. Mix vanilla protein, coconut flour, and berries. 
2. Slowly add the 3/4c water until it becomes a thick dough. (If too watery add more coconut flour, if too thick add more water).
3. Mix choc protein, cocoa, oil, and water in a separate bowl into a choc sauce.
3. Into a small pan or molds, pour some choc to cover the bottom. Shape your dough into the shape of your mold and place on top of choc. Pour remaining choc sauce on top. 
4. Freeze. Allow to dethaw or nuke for few secs. 
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