Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Eights CrossFit WOD

I loved and hated this WOD. It seriously tested myself of my endurance and will power. 
My weights: 14lb ball, 25lb KB, 95lb barbell.
These are simi-heavy for how many rounds are involved. So by round 6, that wt felt waaayy heavier than it actually was. On many of the last reps, I had to seriously had to give it all I had just to get out of my whole of the front squat or catch the bar low in the jerk. Chalk became my friend since I was a sweaty mess and then I became a chalky mess.
My face was dripping so bad with swat it was constantly running into my eyes and mouth. Lets just say I left my essence all over the floor, bars, balls, and bells! 

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