Friday, June 29, 2012

Amafi Coast

I'm in Sorrento now and boy is it super hot and humid. Huge change from Paris. It's not really what I expected, I thought it would be nicer and clean but it's really not. The coast line is pretty with the colorful houses scattered all over the mountains but if you see the houses close up, they are dingy. The Mediterranean Sea is amazingly beautiful with the light blue water and it being warm enough to swim in. I visited the island of Capri which is for rich people who have money. It's expensive for a boat taxi to get all the way there, then you get there and it's nothing special. The swimming has been my favorite so far. I have had lots of seafood spaghetti which is good but not for my bod. I've lost my six pack abs which upsets me but I'll be rockin it hard when I get home. My legs are still in decent shape from walking 10-15 miles every single day including uphills, tons of steps and stairs. I'm exhausted and ready to come back to America! I love you USA! I miss free water and toilets!(but not the taxes and tips)

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