Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Waiting packages

So when I was in contact with my dad a few days ago he told me I had a lot of packages and that I'd have to wait a whole month to open them. Want to know what they are?!? Well I know they are a bunch of products and samples from various healthy distributors such as Sunwarrior Protein, Bob's Mill, Raw Revolution and lots more! I will be doing reviews on each and sharing with all of you about their nutrition, taste, texture...the works. So by the time I get back I'll be ready to be cuttin and liftin! I've been gone a week and miss the gym somuch! Kinda sad right? Here I am in Europe and I've got workouts on my mind. Well I'm a fitness chick at heart and to my core. I'll keep updates on my trip on here, trust me there's lots more to come. (btw I've been here a week and have had 8 cappuccinos already-they are my fav!)

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