Friday, June 1, 2012

Hitting a Plateau

So Ive recieved some questions from people about how to break their plateau. Well first off, you need to determine what is setting this up for you. It can be from lack of motivation, too tried and fatigued, diet, workout routines etc.
    For me lately it has been fatigue; Im appreciating that Ill be leaving for my trip next week. These past few
    days Ive been feeling sluggish and wiped out. Ive toned it down by doing the stationary bike and simple
    circuits involving squats and lunges. (yes even me being as driven and focused about exercise as i am still
    needs time). I will not be in a gym for over a month! Im freaking out yet excited because I will come back
    ready to rock and roll and be so 100% focused.
So what am I getting at???
Find your reason for your plateau and change it! How?
Lack of Motivations:
      -Create a Goal & Dream board for yourself with pictures and quotes
      -Use a journal to get your feelings down
      -Talk to your significant other or someone who will be able to shake you and wake you up
      -Get a workout partner
      -Talk to an inspirational person at your local gym about their motivations
      -Read athletes autobiographies
      -Bust out old pictures of yourself and see your progress
      -Look at yourself naked

Too Tired and Fatigued:
      -TAKE A BREAK!!! A few days, a week, two weeks...whatever it takes for you to start missing the
        gym. Your body will start to crave that push. (you still should do active rest though)
      -Go to bed earlier. Establish a sleep and wake schedule.
      -Cut back at the gym, on time and intensity. Try every other day if giving up a few weeks is too hard for
      -Try yoga or meditation

     -Stop eating the same thing all the time. Try new foods (especially veggies and fruit)
     -Mixed up your normal meals (ex: instead of eating oatmeal opt for a a veg omelet)
     -Try going vegan, vegetarian, Palaeo, gluten free,juicing etc
     -Incorporate more fluids
     -Incorate fruits with high water concentration (ex: watermelon, grapes)
     -Try digestive enzymes, ACV, flax for bowels

Work out Routines:
     -Mix up your cardio and weights
         (add HIIT or long distance/time or heavy/low rep weights or light/high rep weights)
     -If you do lots of cardio, try weights instead
     -If you do lots of weights, try cardio
     -Go on and find a program that suites your life
     -Use your gym, your home, and the outdoors to workout
     -circuits (pintrest has lots of ideas)
     -Use web to find home routines and body weight routines
     -Watch an inspirational person at your gym and see what they do; just get ideas from gym goers
     -Change up your music or workout partner or go solo

Just because you've hit a wall, doesnt mean you throw your hands up and then give up. Dont forget how far you have come and realize consistency is key; changing your body takes time and discipline but stick with it and you reach your goals. You need to have a lot of drive and dedication if you are really serious in wanting to change your body and life. Because thats was it is-A LIFESTYLE. Think of it as a journey, not a destination.

What triggers you for a plateau???

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