Sunday, June 17, 2012

Amsterdam...the place of no judgement

So basically I love it here! I wish I could be here longer than 4 days but I'm enjoying my time anyway. The vibe here is so easy and laid back; I'm a hippie and free spirit and this place encompasses all that and more. It's not just that weed is allowed or anything like that, people here are just whatever about everything from clothes to personalities. My plan is to come back here with my best friend Rachel because I would indulge a little more than I am right now with my sis and mom. Also some information: a coffeeshop is where you get weed and a cafe is where you get coffee. We went into a coffeeshop called Grey Area and walked out with a little something. I'm staying at a hostel where I'm in a mixed dorm...with an Aussie! I've decided I'm to marry an Australian. Here is word of the day at my hostel:

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