Saturday, October 5, 2013

Beauty defined by Crossfitters

Link to CrossFit's Beauty video:

This is the best video I have ever watched; it is filled with the most amazing and heart quenching words. 
What is beauty? I have never been asked that question before and you know before watching this video I probably would have said something generic like an awesome physique but that would have just been the surface if what I believe beauty is through my eyes. While watching this video, I was smiling and shaking my head agreeing to every single word that was stated and in utter 'aw' that us Crossfitters have this same definition of beauty I our heads. 
That is what makes the CrossFit community such a family; we have the same outlook and mentality and love for this sport. There may be thousands of boxes around the world but we all seem to come together and appreciate one another. 
Can any other sport say that? I can't think of any. Crossfitters, as I see them, are a family where they build one another up and want the best out of them. Sure crossfitters compete all the time but what makes them not become the standoff competitor is that they are there cheering one another on to finish, to go harder, to give it all you got. At the CrossFit Games, the athletes that complete the WOD go back and encourage the others who are still battling. They may compete but they are each other's support. That's beautiful.
As I write this I realize how much I love this community and that I can't imagine my life without it or CrossFit.
I always want to reach out, to do more, to be more involved in anything and everything that is affiliated with CrossFit and the community. 
I can't wait to grow and evolve as an athlete with this kind of support and love. 

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