Monday, October 7, 2013

Pride of a Rookie has released another awesome, inspirational video!This video give credit to two rookies at the 2013 Games, Natalie McLain and Wes Piatt. I was familiar with Nat before the games since I had been following her on IG (what would I do without IG these days?!?). Wes was new to me when I watched the games.
This video introduces these athletes and gives a little incite to us (crossfitters who look up to all the games athletes) what they go through during the games: their thoughts, struggles, mistakes, wishes, excitements, disappointments...They explain that they feel like they shouldn't be there and that they feel so amazed to be next to the ones that inspire them. But does Nat and Wes know we look up to them now?

Well I hope they are back next year at the 2014 Games!
Nat and Wes

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