Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Recap

When I wake up, depleted, and unfed (left pic). I'm downing my homemade carrot cake bagel sandwiched with my apple chickloaf and spread with my espresso nut butter. Post feed (right pic) and body charged ready to go WOD it up, about 40mins after eating. I use foods to build my body and fuel my workouts. As you can see my body gets fuller and appreciates the lovely nutrients!

This is totally random but this caught my eye. Miranda Oldroyd (Crossfitmiranda) 'liked' one of my pictures! Yup, I had to snap a picture to document it.

My post WOD nutrient inhale:
-a semi-frozen KillCliff (I stick in an hot before leaving to the gym, pack in a cooler, and it's perfectly ready to drink after).
-my brownie batter pancakes (almond flour, egg white, cellucor molten choc protein powder, banana, vanilla, water) with almond in a medicine cup (benefits of a nurse) with measurements on it. I make these before leaving, put in Tupperware, and have them ready to inhale after. No they aren't hot but they are yummy and their texture are just like they were made right then. I eat them while drivin to work and sometimes I make a mess and end up with some nut butter on my steering wheel. 
Broad jumps at the end of my set and man these can be brutal if you are squatin low, jumpin far, and using your whole body to jump as far as you can, you'll feel the burn! Doesn't take much to to get you worked!

It took eight weeks for me to receive these babies! I designed my very own Reebok Nano 3.0s and man it took a while. There are so many options available and to create; I knew exactly the colors I wanted cause I mean most know by now black & grey are my signature colors with pops of white and red. I had my best bud help me design them until they were perf! Reebok Nanos customization are so popular and in high demand their normal 4-6wks of receival had to be extended. And they even reimbursed me for the shipping since their quote of arrival would not be true. High five for Reebok! Don't blame the Crossfitters for snatching them up! I literally ripped the box and yanked them out! Slipped em on and rocked around the house to break them in except they need no breakin in! I'm serious; I wore them the next day and they were just fine!
I had them on before I left my house and I couldn't help snapping a picture of their awesomeness!

My snatch is improving since I'm working on it just about everyday! My thumbs are so sore and rubbed raw! Hook grippin it up! I noticed since I've been wearing my Oly lifters, my feet are planted and I land stronger and back on my heels. 

Another delivery! Caffeine and Kilos Tuxedo SnapBack!
My bud and I know their hats go out fast so when they did a release on a red SnapBack and had the tuxedo restocked, we needed to jump on it! My bud ordered me mine (since I couldn't order myself) at that time, shipped it to my address (he lived in another state) and said merry Christmas! Haha we exchange gifts early apparently! 
By the way my bud ordered this hat about noonish on Friday and I received it late afternoon on Saturday! Fast shipping! And it came in a stamped out C&K box.

My struggle for completing my Crossfit program at a globo continues and continues to get more frustrating! I hate it but I love Crossfit more and waaayyy to much so I endure! I'll get in a box eventually and I'll appreciate more than one could know. Until then, I appreciate all the crossfitters that give me props for busting my crossfitter arse in a globo gym. Can't fight a love like mine haha

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