Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Garret Fisher Interview

Most crossfitters are familiar with this handsome lad: Garret Fisher. I'm sure this years CrossFit Games wont be the first and last time we see him there. He was a rookie this year but man did he make a statement and let his name be known to the crossfit community.
Not only is he a handsome young fellow (How you doin? ...read in Joey T voice), by young I mean young enough for me to date haha, anyways but he also showed his abilities by landing himself a good ranking in the games. His hair sure does have some fans; you can even purchase a Garret Fisher "Johnny Bravo" status shirt in womens and mens. I'm pretty sure I need me one (in a size small please lol)!
In the interview you get to know a little more about what's underneath that epic hair! 

Link to Interview:
Fisher Talks

Picture used from athleticbuilds interview page.

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