Saturday, October 26, 2013

Long Week

Geez this week just went on and on. With work and the WOD's, my body was exhausted.
My whole family is sick and I could tell I was catching a lil cold. Oh no, I put a stop to it! I took airbourne and vitaC twice a day, ate lots of fruit, took night time medicine and what do you know, cleaned that sucker up!
Now that it's getting colder here in Cali, I have been bringing out my tea collection. This one here is from David's Tea and is Jumpy Monkey. It is loose tea so I put in a steeper and allow to steep for about mins. While that's working, I heat up some almond milk with stevia. I use a frother and once all frothed up, I pour the milk on top of my tea. Perfect to warm up my body.
I am a tea fiend, so I have many different flavors from David's and Teavana.
Heavy Squats: I have a love/hate relationship with these suckers. I love the strength I possess to lift that much yet I hate them cause...hmm I cant think of a real reason lol. When I do heavy squats, I gear up with my knee supports and weight belt.
Heavy squats to me are 1-2 reps. With the last rep being hard as heck getting out of the hole. I take my rest in between sets as well. I don't superset heavy squats cause I'm giving my full attention to them. I make sure I'm good and warmed up, do higher reps and then worked up to a semi-heavy load. When I'm coming back up from the hole, my focus is knees out, knees out, knees out! I swear forcing them out will get me up and out of that period where you're shaking and in that half squat. Knees out will force your biggest muscles of your body, your butt, to get you out.
 Heavy deadlifts! Same concept as squats: low reps, not supersetted, full attention. What goes on in my head while coming up is straight back, straight back, straight back! During heavy deads your back tends to curve forward which is really, really bad and you can totally hurt yourself. I use the bounce from hitting the ground to help get back up and then I drive through my heels like no other.
When I see heavy deadlifts on the agenda, I wear knee socks cause I want to keep that barbell close to my body through the whole entire lift so sometimes I scrap the bar against my shins; my legs are already scarred up so I'm trying to not ugly them up any more.
 Song is by Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard, "Hungry." Seriously such a killer song to workout to! All they're songs pretty much are.
Handstands are my weakness and a skill that needs lots and lots of practice. I practice them every day and I see some progression but I'm just inpatient with them. Once I can hold a handstand for longer periods, Ill move on to handstand walks which are my ultimate goal. Have to take the steps to reach that goal. I have watched videos on the progression to handstand walks. I usually do them in front of a wall so if I have that support. I will then push off the wall to try to find my center again. I do occasionally step away from the wall cause I mean you really need to just let go of the support system of the wall so I get more used to kicking up and finding my center. If I feel I am going to fall backwards, I release one hand and push off the other so ill land on my feet. I also saw that some just tuck and roll out of the fall. I have seen handstand walks with legs up in the air and with the knees bent.

 So I took this picture to show off my SoxBox Navy socks. I love them and are my all time fav...wait I do love my Bad Ass ones too! haha The Navy has a special place in my heart. Why? Cause indeed I will be joining. That's another story so I wont get into that.
Also my booty shorts are from WODGearClothing and are the exercise shorts. I have these as well as the Tron, neon yellow and black pair. I love this brand and am actually a rep for them for 2013. They make ALL their clothes by hand, well sewing machines run by pple, here in CA. So made in the USA!

So this WOD is brutal, hands down. When you start, you begin with burpees, do as many as you can until the time is at 2min, You then jump up and do 8 toes to bar. Get right back at the burpees until time is 3mins.
I set a pace where I got in 10 or 11 burpees in between each TTB. So depending on how fast you get your burpees in determines how long your WOD will go. My time was 8:47:30.
This pretty much sums up how you feel after this WOD. I resumed the CrossFit post-WOD position on the ground.
I saw a ecard thing similar to this one but with a different saying. I made this one my own so I wouldn't be copying.

So I posted my box jump failure picture the day it happened. Well this below is what it looks like today:
yeah my leg looks pretty ugly right now. But my scabs are healing up really good since I am putting Emu Oil on them twice a day.
One of yesterday's WOD was 100 power cleans for time. This sucked so bad. My chest took a beating for sure which resulted in these bruises. My chest is so tender and really hurts if I touch it.

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