Friday, October 4, 2013

CrossFit and Froning

This article is written about the infamous Fittest Man On Earth, Rich Froning. But while taking the time to read it, I realized it depicts what CrossFit is and what it takes to compete in a way that's depicted through the story of Mr. Froning.
Rich is obviously unlike most people out there: for one he has won the CrossFit Games 3 years in a row, he works out 6-9 hours every day, and most importantly, he God comes first in his life. For that simple yet strong reason, I find him one I look up to not just in my CrossFit life but IN my actual life. Rich reminds me to always put God first in my life and even though no matter how much I love CrossFit, that can not outshine Him. Majority of crossfitters know Rich has 'Galations 6:14' tattooed along his torso side; this is a perfect reminder for him to everyday give it all to God and that it's all for Him.
It's amazing how he thanked/thanks God for his consecutive CrossFit Game's wins because, really, do you think any other man on the top of the podium would say after winning "I have God to thank for my success,"??? Probably not.
Even reading this article reminds me I need to have God come first more in my life and with CrossFit. Rich is an amazing athlete but he is also a very inspirational Christian.

Link to the article : Faith Drives Accidental Champion

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