Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week Recapage

This week was a doozy with my WODs and work and classes.
Since I recieved my Caffeine and Kilos snapback I wanted to pair it up with my IamProjectX Pirates of the Caribbean tank. Every time I wear it everyone thinks I'm an OG!
Clovis WOD:
150 Burpee Pullups
10 mile run
This sucker sucked! I did 15 burpee pullups and then followed with a mile run. By round three i was like "ahhhh" No really this WOD is totally mental; your mind will tell you to stop before your body will. The burpee pullups are seriously your rest periods cause the mile is long and continues forever it seems. Your mind wander during that mile; my thoughts ranged from "i think i need to walk" to "man i gots this!"
This took me two hours; after wards, my feet had blisters, my hands torn up, and my legs like jelly.
When I'm gone majority of the day, I have everything with me. Gym bag, lunch bag, purse, locker room bag etc. 
After my day I went to restock my fuelage so I had lots to carry in. So of course I carried it ALL! No second trips for me; I am far from lazy but I chose to grab it all. I always manage to still unlock my front door and lock my car! Tip: get a retractable keychain for your house key. I wear my lanyard around my neck and pull my key to the lock. 
For my post WOD eats, I make protein pancakes before I leave and store them in my tortilla warmer. This sucker keeps these babies so moist! I choose to make multiple little ones instead of two large or whatev, way easier to eat when you're on the go in your car.
My protein PB marshmellow pancakes:
1 scoop Cellucor PB Marshmellow protein ( use my discount code: PeaceloveFit to get you some
1/2c oat flour
1mashed banana
1 egg white
Water to mix
Dash of baking powder
.mix. If too thick I add more water.
 Push Press Max 20 reps
I learned from Kendrick Faris that your wrists should face up/vertical not horizontal like most think and do. I got some tips as well to move my hands out a little more than what I have in this video, keep elbows out, rest bar in the crook of your shoulders. 
This dealio ends TODAY(Oct 20)!!! but m5 and get a FREE vortex mixer! But you have to use my code:PeaceLoveFit at checkout on Cellucor.
Progress picture of my traps-no flex. I'm not lookin t my bi's but my trapezius! This was taken before my WOD so I pump! I am so proud and happy with how my body is responding to my CrossFit program. My body has seen more changes in these past few months than the last yr before of just doing BB.
I had 13.4 as part if one if my sessions.
13.4 7AMRAP
3 shoulder to OH (95)
6 shoulder to OH
Cont. increasing by 3 to each until time is up.
I did better than I did surfing the Open earlier this year so that's a plus but I felt like uhh I could have done way better! I wasn't to happy with myself with it.
10min AMRAP
10 box jumps 30/24
15 cal row
This went by fast but it was brutal on the legs since I did this after stregnth. So my HSPU are different because im trying to do them without the wall support. I come down, balance, and kip up into a free standing handstand. Its a work in progress for sure. I make sure my box jumps are more efficient-i jump back up as soon as i land on the ground. Most usually come back down, roll back on their heels then their toes and jump up. An efficient box jump is when you come down on your toes, barely land and jump back up. Getting the groove down is tricky but you'll find they are faster.
So I was conversing with my buddy while doing 30in box jumps and I ate it! While ok really the box ate me! I didn't fall completely, I caught myself so my face wasn't planted down. I totally yelled "Shit!" really loud and then strayed laughing! It was my bad and I was like aw man I don't want to have to deal with this! Chunks of skin off leave for a long healing. I use Emu Oil on all my scraps, scabs, etc and it works beautifully.

I made my Chocolate PB Swirl Banana Bread during the week. I ate it in the mornings sandwiched between my chickloaf with some of my Cinnamon Nut Butter. So yummy!

Saturday was uber busy for me. I had my ACLS (advances cardiac life support) class, I went to the gym, rushed home and left for the Stockton Thunder Hockey game. Four fights and a 5-0 win! Yes I enjoy life outside the gym! It's not Crossfit alllll day (but really majority haha crossfit for life!) I do make time for my family and friends. Some get wrapped up in this fitness lifestyle and dont make time for anything else. Especially the food and clean eating can absorb a person. Live a little and don't seclude yourself; go out with family and friends to restaurants and don't bring Tupperware. Guess what?! If you're not in the fitness industry or on comp prep or your job is to stay fit (model), you don't need to be 100% all the time because that's not a life to live. You want to be afraid to eat? Or afraid to miss the gym? This is a LIFESTYLE! Meaning you're in it for the long haul, so missing a gym session EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE or having a different meal besides tilapia and asparagus EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE is OK! Having that one day off or that one meal won't drastically change your body. Think of all the time you have ahead of you living that lifestyle. A long time right?! Yes. But also life is short so why not enjoy it!
Ok my rant is done.


  1. Hey Girl!!! I started following you on Instagram and thus found your blog... AND I LOVE IT!!! I look forward to your posts everyday! I have a couple of questions for you if ya don't mind. I do Crossfit in a "gym" as in I do my own programming and people stare at me all the time cause they have no clue what I'm doing! (SO GREAT) But I think I'm doing things wrong... I pedal on the bike for 20 min before doing sprints on it, then I go and do about 2-4 METCONS. This I know is not probably good as I am looking to gain weight and muscle. (I come from an anorexic background...)
    So my questions are: How do you go about the "gym", How do you program what you are going to do, How long do you workout for, How do you re-fuel/eat before workouts??? Sorry this is a long comment!

    1. Hey girly! I will totally answer any and all your questions! Just email me so we can talk a little