Thursday, October 10, 2013


I completed this METCON after my strength training...after heavy squats, C&Js, legs were already dead at that point but hey I'm building a better athlete!
So this METCON is done with 115lbs for men and 80lbs for women. The height for box jumps is games standards: 24 for men, 20 for women. Scale if you need to; drop by 10lb increments. 105/70, 95/60...
Complete these one after the other. 
The point of a METCON (metabolic conditioning) is to complete the WOD in a timely and strategized manner; pace yourself and if you drop the bar, give yourself a set rest time, then pick it back up and keep going. If you give a rest time you force yourself to pick it up when you see that the 5 or 10seconds are up. Yes it should only be that long; you don't rest for no minutes! 
Push yourself, scream out if you have to cause I certainly made some grunts and sighs and ahhhs throughout it. 
Just because you have 30 reps doesn't mean go all out and forget your technique. Sometimes going too fast and being tired, you forget form: DONT! Still get ass to grass on thrusters, lock out your arms on jerks, stand up on top of box jumps etc. 

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