Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chocolate Dipped Stuffed Dates

I was shopping at Sprouts and while I was getting some dates, I saw they had chocolate coated dates stuffed with almonds. I was going to try them but I was nope I can totally make those!
Well indeed I did with stevia sweetens chocolate and something better than just an almond!
Chocolate Dipped Dates Stuffed with Protein Almond Butter:
Dates (I made 3)
1 tbsp Almond butter
1 tbsp Cinnamon Swirl Cellucor Protein (use my discount code to get some!)
Dribble of Almond milk 
4 tbsp cocoa powder
5 tbsp coconut oil
Liquid stevia
(You could use 85% dark chocolate instead of making homemade chocolate)
1. Cut your dates to remove the pits but only split! Don't cut in half!
Spry them open a bit
2. Mix the almond butter, protein, and almond milk. It should be thick! So you barely dribble the almond milk until you reach a good thickness.
3. Stuff the nut butter mix into the dates. 
Make sure you can close them; dont over stuff! Put on parchment paper!
4. Melt coconut oil. Add stevia to your liking. Slowly add cocoa powder into a nice chocolate sauce. I just do a jusgemt call on the amount of tbsp to add.
5. Roll the dates into the chocolate.
This was my last date to roll so I barely had enough chocolate. Waste not!
You could roll these in chopped nuts or coconut or sprinkles or or or lol
6. Store in fridge until chocolate sets. I waited an hour or so but it probably only takes like 15mins.
I cut mine in half to see how pretty it looked
Why would you be need to eat all that nasty candy when these not only taste better but are so good for you! Totally clean, guilt free, and kills your sweet tooth!
I used cinnamon swirl protein because it just made these uber creamy! If you want some go to and use my discount code: PeaceLoveFit to receive 20% off and free shipping!

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